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How to make a counter in a function? [closed]

I would like to change the value of n from 1 to 10 and it should show me the value of x1 for each n So, How can I do that something like a counter (n) ...
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2 votes
1 answer

How to convert a While into a NestWhileList

How do you rewrite this While statement with NestWhileList? I know you can easily get this done with ...
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1 vote
2 answers

How to reset an event counter to zero after every nth evaluation while using Experimental`ValueFunction to observe for value changes in counter

Synopsis Below serves as a skeleton for a function that will track number of occurrences of a particular notebook event. The nth event will trigger a function call. After which the counter symbol must ...
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How to create a "DisplayFormulaNumbered" cell inside a "Text" cell

Is it possible to put a "DisplayFormulaNumbered" cell (containing just an equation) inside a larger outside cell (a "Text" cell with a thin frame)? See pic below for my desired ...
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Using a Stylesheet to create reference links to "DisplayFormulaNumbered" cells using CellIDs

Suppose I have a notebook with lots of "DisplayFormulaNumbered" cells. These cells have a built-in counter, which continuously updates when cells are deleted, moved or added, which is nice. ...
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