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Error message in "Copy As Graphics Expression" of graph

Evaluate the following code: Graph[{{1, 2}, {2, 3}, {3, 1}}] Then right-click the graph and choose ...
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Problem when copying and pasting codes

When I copy codes I usually have problems, because when I paste them to the Mathematica notebook, they don't run as they should. It has happened to me already several times, and specifically now when ...
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Control metadata of CopyToClipboard

Question The system clipboard can contain image data and text data (and a plethora of other types). Mathematica copies different expressions as different types of data; copy ...
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How to merge the frame?

I just write the code following : ...
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CellsToTeX copy pasting back into notebook for sub and superscript box for partial derivatives, powers, subscripts etc

I'm using the CellsToTeX` package, along with the mmacells LaTeX package. I'm including code with a partial derivative in my pdf. So for instance to get this ...
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How do I make ClickToCopy copy some text rather than string?

Consider the following example: ClickToCopy["display text","file name"] When I click the display text I get ...
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Grid questions: text-wrapping / copying and pasting expressions

I want to make a list of functions like this: ...
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Equivalent "format painter" for Mathematica

Does anyone know any equivalent tool like "Format Painter" (Picture) of the MS Word processor but for Mathematica ? "Format Painter" is used when you want to copy formatting from one item to another. ...
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Copy/Paste ListPlot in MS Word as enhanced metafile

I tried to copy/paste a ListPlot in MS Word document as an enhanced metafile. I usually succeed in pasting ListPlots -- see the ...
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unusual time lag in typing and copy pasting

I have been experiencing a time lag in typing and copy-pasting on Mathematica files. I have checked that this is not the case with any other WYSIWYG interface on my computer. For example, it takes 3-6 ...
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Copied Dot expression is incorrect

On a recent answer I ran into a little problem. I wrote $x^3.\{1,1\}$ using Mathematica's 2D input, then copied and pasted the expression here, yielding x^3.{1, 1}....
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Copy as Input Text via Function

I've got some code which generates a series with coefficients that are a rather complicated expressions of Greek letters with subscripts. I want to store some of these coefficients for future use, ...
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I want to use Mathematica Reference pages for an Appendix in a LaTeX report

I want to put the aforementioned information in an appendix(obviously I will Cite it) of a LaTeX report, however I get a variety of Errors when I attempt to do so. I was trying the Module page, I've ...
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What does copying Output cell using Copy As > Plain Text actually does? [duplicate]

So, an input cell after evaluation gives an In[X] := str1 = ... Out[X]:= .... If I right click on the right edge of the Out[X]'s cell, and select Copy As > Plain ...
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What´s the best way to COPY/PASTE Mathematica code into Word?

As you can see in the image the code, with a standard copy/paste you obtain squares instead of "Return=New Line". What´s the best way to copy and paste Mathematica code into Word? One choice is a ...
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How can I copy and paste my beautifully indented code into my notebook without alteration?

Say I indent my code like this: ...
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EMF format imported in Word looks worse in version 10

In my work, I frequently use the "CopyAsMetafile" and "Paste" function in my Word document. Recently, I started working with Mathematica version 10 and negatively surprised that the display of ...
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How to copy a uncertain name file with the command CopyFile in Mathematica

I have many files named like this "GSM697492_500_D1.CEL", and a another file which contain the first part of the file name like this"GSM697492". I want to copy the some of the CEL files from one ...
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How to copy [OUT] results to a txt document

Hi I am very new to Mathematica. I wanted to ask how can I copy the outputs (Out) data from Mathematica. I have results in this format ...
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Mathematica copies extra characters at the end of text blocks

This is something I've been noticing for some time, but I haven't found any mention of this online, so I'd like to know if it's been seen before, if it is a (known?) bug, and whether there exist ...
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Copy As PDF in MMA 10

Wondering if this is a known issue.. I usually export graphics and Grids using the Copy As PDF menu item. The results looked quite good in MMA 9 on Yosemite. However in MMA 10 on Yosemite, the PDF ...
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How copy a large cell into clipboard using `input text`?

This is a strange problem and everything I tried did not work. I have a very large single Manipulate cell (it is a demonstration stylesheet notebook, hence this cell have to be one), and I simply ...
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Paste data into Mathematica with formatting

Select the following Mathematica code and paste it into a notebook. In Windows 7(Mathematica 8) the line breaks are not interpreted in the expression. In fact any data copipasted from stackexchange ...
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Copy TraditionalForm output to TraditionalForm input while keeping formatting

When I want to copy a scientific notated number from a TraditionalForm output to an input it formats it in a weird way: Another thing I want to do is only copy a few number of decimals, and remove ...
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How to "Copy as Unicode" from a Notebook?

I spent some time manually editing a post replacing Mathematica ASCII \[Alpha] with Unicode α. I did this by laboriously ...
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