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Tensor product inside the compiler

The compiler does not have support for tensor product, are there any packages that implements the tensor product in a way that can be compiled? I need to take the tensor product of several numeric ...
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Are you surprised with the apparent inconsistency in what this CompiledCodeFunction returns?

I am using Mathematica 12.2 with MacOS, and I do this: ...
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LMDB Library cannot be loaded by `LibraryLoad`, how to compile properly

I cloned LMDB* from and compiled on a Mac M1 with make -e clean CC="cc -target aarch64-macos-none" which produced ...
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Mathematica 12.0 finds Visual studio C compiler for use of CompilationTarget -> "C" in Compile but Compile does not work

I installed Visual Studio and then the command CCompilers[] in Mathematica 12.0 nicely gives: {{"Name" -> "Visual Studio", "Compiler" -> CCompilerDriver...
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How to use global variables in FunctionCompile?

In FunctionCompile, system does not recognize external functions and external global variables by default. But we can use ...
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Will the new compiler give access to pointer arithmetic like that done in C?

I was watching this video and came across the Handle type construct in the new compiler. So my question is the new Handle[...] ...
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LTemplate and external library Armadillo

As a great fan of the simplicity of the LTemplate library for the end user I am now faced with a problem when apparently everything compiles correctly but the functions are not loaded from the library....
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Basic question of "good" habits during the evaluation of a notebook in mathematica

Suppose that I have notebook, call it Nb1. And I want to evaluate the notebook Nb1, next suppose that the process is slow, but I have to evaluate other notebooks, suppose Nb2, and Nb3. I see that ...
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How to use CompilerOptions?

The refpage for FunctionCompile's option CompilerOptions is empty of examples: Does anyone know what keys and values can be ...
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How to use DataStructure in FunctionCompile?

The official document said compile a function that can work with data structures but how to use it? There is no doubt that it is possible to use DataStructure as a function parameter: ...
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any way to study the number of CPU cycles used for a computation?

I do speed comparisons for various functions and algorithms, and ultimately, the speed of some section of program code depends on the number of CPU cycles. This can vary wildly across operating ...
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How to link C++ code through the new compiler in V12?

The Advanced Compilation Topics talk in the WTC 2018 shows that one can easily link C++ code through the new compiler technology. This feature seems very useful as one can easily load existing C++ ...
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New Compiler Technology in V12

I am wondering whether the speed of compilation for the new compiler can be improved. Here are the results from my test. Consider the following function for generating a random draw from a gamma ...
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How to use the library exported from FunctionCompileExportLibrary outside of Mathematic (e.g., in Visual Studio)?

Mathematica 12 has a new function FunctionCompileExportLibrary, which can export a pure function as a .dll file like this: <...
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Why will functions from the SystemModelConfiguration` package not evaluate?

Documentation page now improved (checked in v13.0) According to the tutorial Compiler for System Modeling I should be able to verify the installation of a C++ ...
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What's the deal with next generation Wolfram compiler?

Sources: Old Compiler (Rob Knapp Nov2011) Computer Science in Mathematica (Abdul Dakkak Dec2014) Compilation Technology (Tom Wickham-Jones, Abdul Dakkak & Steve Wilson Dec2015) The Wolfram ...
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