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Questions about commercially available Mathematica packages, either distributed by Wolfram, inc. or third parties.

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Using Mathematica ML models in another application

Using Mathematica, I trained and exported some machine learning models with the suggested file extension .wmlf. However, I noticed that these files are stored in HDF5 format. How can I import these ...
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How can I upload a package which is saved locally as a ZIP file to Mathemtica Cloud and Load the package?

I am using the online Mathematica Cloud. I have one complete package(in this case, a group theory-related mathematics package), which is saved locally as a ZIPed folder. The ZIPed folder contains ...
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Time dependent parameter in AceGen

The AceGen is a third party Mathematica package (website) used for the automatic derivation of formulae needed in numerical procedures. Is there possible to define in AceGen code, parameter which ...
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Using ArcLength method for my simulation

Me again with another problem :-) Since I couldn't get the convergence in one of my simulations due to some problems which I couldn't identify, I decided to try the Arc length procedure in order to ...
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Trouble using ProPac in Mathematica 11

Has anyone tried using ProPac package here on Mathematica 11? It seams to not work anymore.
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Will Experimental Data Analyst (EDA) function with Mathematica 11?

I purchased the add-on a while back, switched computers and do not know if it is compatible with Mathematica 11. Thank you for your help!
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ExcelRun::failed: Type mismatch >> error when calling an Excel macro from Mathematica

I have a macro in a module within an Excel file (called "test.xlsm", saved on my desktop) that takes one argument as a string: ...
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How to obtain the computer's hard drive serial number, BIOS ID, CPU number, MAC and so on use Mathematica?

I want to packed my program use RSA algorithm. Of course, $MachineID can be used but I want to make it safer. Can Mathematica obtain the computer's hard drive ...
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calculate variance of conditional sum of Normals

Let $\quad W \sim N(\mu_0, \sigma_0^2), \quad X_1 \sim N(\mu_1, \sigma_1^2), \quad X_2 \sim N(\mu_2, \sigma_2^2)$ denote independent random variables, and let $c$ denote a constant. I want to find ...
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Export Graphics using Move in Optica

I am modeling an eye and am using TurboPlot and DrawSystem. I would like to export the graph, but using the ...
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Can't find where to download VEST package for Mathematica

In the Internet I have found the article about the VEST package for abstract vector calculus simplification in Mathematica. However, I can not find any reference for ...
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Does anyone have experience with performing symbolic regression using Mathematica?

I understand that there is at least one Mathematica package, DataModeler commercially available for symbolic regression. I'm seeking any observations with this or any other similar tool. I'm ...
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Lie algebras packages (with E6, F4 & alii ... included)

I am looking for an add-on that deals seriously with computations inside exceptional Lie algebras (and obviously classical ones ...): I want at least all standard basic data concerning them & ...
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Excel DDE Link: reading and writing in real time

I'm wondering if it is possible to link Excel and Mathematica in real time, so that Mathematica can be used as a computing and "storage" tool. Suppose I have an Excel spreadsheet with an active DDE ...
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Game theory packages

Is there any game theory package around? I mean supporting functions which take a game in matrix form and tell you all about nash equilibra, best strategies, ect
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Taking Log Transformation of unit circle using Presentations package

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Complex Region using Presentations Package

Just purchased the Presentations package. First sketched this region: ...
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How to predict some constant number of values with NeuralNetworks

Example: << NeuralNetworks` data = {Sin[#]} & /@ Range[0, 4 Pi, 0.5]; learn = data[[1 ;; 15]]; Now, lets fit our neural network: ...
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LogLikelihood function from the Time Series package is apparently missing

The Time Series package for Mathematica comes with a function called LogLikelihood. It is discussed and used extensively in the documentation (pdf). So does ...
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