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How to merge multiple .nb files into one notebook in mathematica

I have 10 different notebook files which I want to combine into a single .nb file. I know I can copy-paste all the cells of those 10 files to a new notebook window and then save it as nb. I can do so ...
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The best way to organize or arrange a large code

I have a .nb file including several large parts so that finding something in it and even seeing whole is difficult. I think it is better to put a "table of content" in start of the file and ...
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Using and Naming different sets of data in a manipulated chart/plot

I am trying to visualize advertisement data from amazon which is comprised of a dozen or so campaigns, each of which has three subgroups and each subgroup has its own performance data (metrics). ...
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Dividing a long code into parts

I have long code that I would like to divide in several parts (for readability) to be saved in different files. Then, later, I could use those parts into a different notebook. The parts I am thinking ...
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Design Patterns for System Functions?

Using PrintDefinitions give one a great view into many system functions. Often the design of these symbols incorporate multiple patterns that I see again and again. ...
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Plotting functions with many variables - organization [duplicate]

Consider ...
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Deleting variable assignments in a sub-notebook which is called from my main notebook

I have two notebooks; one main notebook which calls another notebook several times in a loop. I want to delete the assignments of variables in the sub-notebook which is called from the main one. ...
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Mathematica Workflow [duplicate]

What methods/tools/tips have you found that dramatically improved your Mathematica workflow? I have a love/hate relationship with Mathematica. It is useful no doubt, but defies my intuition at every ...
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How can I copy and paste my beautifully indented code into my notebook without alteration?

Say I indent my code like this: ...
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2 answers

Visually differentiating arguments of If

Is there a convention for writing If expressions to visually differentiate between the different arguments? For example: ...
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GUI->Text code conversion

I have to solve about 30 symbolic equations simultaneously. Mathematica is taking more than 24 hours to solve it on a 6 core system and now I have to run that on a cluster. In order to do so I need to ...
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How to syntax highlight a code cell in another language? [duplicate]

I'm learning c/c++/objective-c and I wanted to write my notes in a mathematica notebook. But without the proper syntax color highlighting it looks terrible....
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Interrupting package evaluation, handling error

I have some packages/scripts that I schedule the execution using Jobs in SQL server. For example, in some of then, I use to create reports and delivery by mail using Mathematica. All done using ...
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2 answers

How can I get Mathematica to produce better Fortran code?

I am new to Mathematica and I am trying to get to it to produce some expressions in Fortran code. However, it seems that Mathematica will output duplicated expressions, that is, expressions the need ...
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77 votes
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Once more on object orientation in Mathematica: does it have to be so hard?

Recently I came across a set of problems which would be solved most easily within an object-oriented approach. I first attempted to solve them by other means, but found the complexity of the code ...
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