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How to find curved line in image? [closed]

What's the best way to find smooth curves in an image? I can use EdgeDetect[] to generate a binary image with what looks to my human eye like two distinct smooth curves, and I can get the coordinates ...
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How to regroup elements of a cluster?

Given a clustering of unique elements, clustering = {{10, 40, 30}, {200, 500}, {6}, {7}, {8}}; How do I group a given subset of them into the same cluster? eg: <...
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1 answer

How to clusterize a set of lists consisting of numbers?

I have a set of lists (electrical current vs. time dependencies for different samples in electrochemical experiments) and I would like to clustering this data (one current curve with another) to find ...
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How to compute the weight of each vertex in the generated clustering tree

In the documention of the "ClusteringTree", it is written that the result from ClusteringTree is a binary weighted tree, where the weight of each vertex indicates the distance between the ...
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Why Spectral Method and GaussianMixture in FindClusters and ClusteringComponents can't set the number of Clusters?

There is an official example, that we can set clusters number. However, when I set the number to run the example, funny thing happens. The same problem in ...
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Clustering related entities using the data from Wikidata

This question starts from Creating a Graph of related entities with the data from Wikidata Compared to the previous question, I have defined a larger starting set, which I am going to enrich with ...
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