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CloudDeploy a Manipulate with dependent functions

I don't seem to understand CloudDeploy; it seems like it deploys a function, but not its dependent expressions. How should I deploy an expression that may have ...
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Import KML file data inside FormFunction (Interpreter problem?)

I have a KML file with a bunch of (lat,lon) pairs. I can retrieve the pairs by importing the KML file as "Data" and drilling down into it: ...
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Alternative to Databin

Project I'm continuing my work building a reporting system for my students' Khan Academy data. See post about OAuth here: Oauth for Khan Academy API I've built a data structure that I intend to ...
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CloudDeploy Manipulate Plot

I made this manipulateble LogLogPlot: ...
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Is there a Function like Here or FindGeoLocation[] that pulls GPS from an Android device for Wolfram Cloud deployments?

Neither FindGeoLocation[] nor Here really work when deploying to the cloud for a mobile or browser app. ...
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Deploy an interactive dynamic interface with some complex code behind

This question might have been discussed in bits and pieces already, but I couldn't find a coherent conversation about what are the best practices and strategies for deploying a moderately complex ...
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CloudDeploy fails when using WolframAlpha as APIFunction

I am trying to create a Wolfram API that returns, for an input expression, how Wolfram Alpha interprets that input. For example, given the string "1 plus 2", the API should return "1 + 2". Locally, ...
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Any method use Import and Export in CloudDeploy?

I have a test file(test1.txt) in my desktop.This is its content. ...
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Display Dataset[Databin[]] as result for cloud deployed FormFunction

I am trying to set up a cloud deployed FormFunction where a user can enter a public databin ID and then view the contents formatted as a dataset. I keep running ...
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Is it possible to turn "FunctionResource" Notebook into ResourceObject or registered LocalObject without FrontEnd?

TL;DR The problem boils down to how to convert a correctly prepared submission Notebook into a ResourceObject suitable for ...
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Issue deploying a FormPage using Classify

I developed this code that allows me to recognize what breed is the dog in the inserted image (for the time being developed only for five breeds of dogs), however, when I go to insert the image in ...
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How to know the cloud object name by its UUID or by its name get its UUID

For specify this question,I create a temporary object in folder tem,and named it identity: ...
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Cloud-based random question generator

Is there any way to create a micro site that generates a random question type and keeps the same question until the right answer has been inputted? I tried ...
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