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How to get all necklaces without the full permutations' set?

There are previous posts, such as Delete duplicates from list of lists as if on a necklace, that give a way to find all necklaces from a set of lists. The methods presented there work well for a small ...
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Non-linear equation

I have to solve this equation but the problem is X is function of x it means X[x] $$X(X-a)+ b e^{-2 X t}=B,$$ a,b,B are constants. How we can I get some result for ...
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How to put numerator and denominator in a canonical form?

I have the following expression that I obtained after some computation: ...
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Simplifying expression using pattern matching inside Assuming[]

I want to simplify a sum of terms that look like so: ...
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How can I get the unique solution?

The eight queens puzzle has 92 distinct solutions. If solutions that differ only by the symmetry operations of rotation and reflection of the board are counted as one, the puzzle has 12 solutions. My ...
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Delete duplicates from list of lists as if on a necklace

Given a list of lists of integers, all of the same length, I want to regard two elements as equivalent if one is the rotated and/or reflected version of another (that is, if the two lists are the same ...
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How to remove symmetries from this list?

First of all, I work with modular arithmetics and the elements of the arithmetics are lists themselves. I recognize two kinds of symmetries - shift and mirroring. We could define shift of a list like ...
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Normal ordering in Mathematica

I want to create a function which normally orders a string of field operators. Consider the following: $$\langle0\vert\hat{a}(k_n) \cdots \hat{a}(k_2)\hat{a}(k_1)\hat{a}^\dagger(k_1)\hat{a}^\dagger(...
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How to canonically reorganize a list using only a limited set of manipulations?

I want to canonically reorganize (like Sort) a sequence of four objects seq[a,b,c,d], but the only manipulations allowed are <...
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How to represent a list as a cycle

I want to select distinct cycles (represented by List). The cycle {a, b, c, d} must be the same as {b, c, d, a} or ...
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Find all permutations with reversals / cyclic permutations removed

I have a list of all non-cyclic permutations of n labels. How can I get rid of all elements which are redundant in the sense that they are the inverse of another one. For instance if n=4, the ...
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