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For questions related to the effects of Mathematica's internal caching mechanisms.

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Removing notebook cache from ExternalEvaluate

Question While working with Python's ExternalEvaluate the intermediate calculation results with Python are stored in the notebook. (...
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Accelerate the retrieval time for Entity data

I like to use Mathematica to answer questions related to cities such as how many cities in the United States have a population greater than 100,000 and what the distribution of them would look like on ...
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Memoization of functions with optional arguments

Consider the following function that generates a sparse diagonal matrix: ...
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How can I use FullSimplify output in function construction without having to re-FullSimplify? (Doubts about my workaround)

I have an expression that I want to use in a function definition. For concreteness let's take Gamma[k + 4]/k!. I know this can be simplified to ...
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Forcing NDSolve not to store full solution, in order to save memory

When using NDSolve to integrate a time-varying dynamical system (ie, an initial value problem), I often only care about the final value of the dependent variables ...
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Cache a function in mathematica

I have a function of one variable $f(x): \mathbb{R}\to \mathbb{C}$ which is very difficult to evaluate. Single evaluations may take hours, and I need to use the function at a large variety of points. ...
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Does Mathematica reuse previous computations?

I am doing an analysis of experimental results in which I need to repeat the same GaussianFilter hundred of times on different data. As explained in the ...
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Clever caching of a recursively defined function

I've got a function of the form f[n,s] where n is a natural number and s is a finite ...
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How to refresh or clear cached CloudObjects[]?

cross posted on Let's create an API which creates one file each time it is called/accessed: ...
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NetModel's cache in which folder?

NetModel will produce a big cache file after you use it first time. ...
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How to clear Integrate internal memory?

I noticed that when I call Integrate for the first time, on an integral that I know will take longer than the time limit I give it, it will abort for the first time,...
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SquaresR memory leak?

I have tried the following code in Mathematica on my MacBook: ...
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How to save the caching produced in processing

As my this previous post.I get a custom function which can help me got some function contain a certain option.And I have put it in my "init.m" file. ...
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GroupBy twice gives different results

Bug introduced in 7.0 or earlier and persisting through 11.1 It took me quite a lot of time to finally trace down to this strange output. I really don't know why. First, I create a list ...
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Evaluation of likelihood very slow

I am trying to implement a simple statistical model for the first time in Mathematica. My model is made my one random variable which is the sum of background and signal. Background is an exponential ...
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May I restrict caching to disk when memory runs low? [duplicate]

An hour ago, I had to hard reset my laptop again because Mathematica froze the system again. When import a large file or make a mistake that produces huge arrays with complicated entries etc., I often ...
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Speeding up inversion of symbolic matrices by invoking caching

Is it possible to reduce the computation time taken to find inverse of symbolic matrices USING CACHING TECHNIQUES accessible (if any)? I am trying to compute inverse of symbolic matrices of size ...
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Memory problem with producing complex graphics of general type

The problem I am about to ask has appeared once here: Memory Leak in Frontend - anyone know a workaround?. However, in this question I would like to put it in a bit different context. Problem recipe: ...
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Caching of Graph Graphics

In this answer, Simon Woods concludes that when you display an expression with head graph more than once, something is getting stored somewhere. I looked into it too and found out this only happens if ...
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Built-in Mathematica data: are they cached? how to speed up the loading?

Mathematica has numerous built-in data for science and math. Every first call to a data function in a new Mathematica session will "re-initialize indices" (download the data). Is there a way to store ...
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Making sure that Timing[] isn't thrown off by caching

In playing with and comparing the various answers to my question here, I tried applying Timing[] to see how fast things ran, but it seemed that some of the answers (...
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Memoization of Rounded inputs

Memoization is a technique for improving performance by having a function remember its previous arguments. For example, f[x_]:=f[x]=mySlowFunction[x] will be ...
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