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Benchmark for m2 air and m2 pro macbook

Could anyone post a Mathematica benchmark for Macbook on M2 processor? I was wondering how it compares to M1.
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Performance of polynomial functions in Mathematica vs Python [closed]

I am trying to compare the performance of Mathematica vs Python for vectorized operations involving polynomials. The data is floatMatrix which has dimensions (...
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Looking for Benchmark performance of Mac Studio

I'm considering a purchase of a new Mac Studio to replace my current Dell XPS Core I-7 system. Does anyone have a benchmark report for MMA v13 running under Mac OS 12.4? A report for the M1 Ultra ...
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Benchmarking Mathematica 13 across machines

Many people consider the performance of MMA when choosing their computers. I feel we need some up-to-date benchmark results across hardware and systems for the major version 13, which will help a lot ...
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Set Default System Options

I have a new Mac M1 machine and am getting Mathematica set up on it. I noticed that when I run some simple benchmarking tests, for example matrix diagonalization, the code runs significantly slower if ...
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Are all MMA computations single-core unless explicitly parallelized?

I was wondering if the WolframMark Benchmark uses more than one core. This becomes relevant when comparing Benchmark scores between, say, 4-core and 8-core machines. I looked at Benchmark's code, and ...
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M1Pro benchmarks off?

My MacbookAir M1 provided inspiring results for BenchmarkReport[] ... a score of 3.18. I was excited to run this on my new MBPro with M1Max... and got a very low ...
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What are the key reasons for the performance improvements in 12.3?

The built in benchmark test on my stationary workstation shows an improvement from 2.82 to 5.99, all other hardware and operating systems settings the same. This looks very good. My question is: What ...
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Is Parts faster than Apply?

Consider a function that accepts a coordinate f[x,y,z]. Our aim is to apply this function to a list of coordinates, at scale, as fast as possible. Here are the ...
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Handling lists indexed with integer partitions

I am trying to do some exploration around the multi-dimensional version of [truncated moment problem], where I work with various distributions (uni- or multi-variate), and use some truncated moment ...
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Peculiar behavior with Benchmark

I just got a new PC with a Intel(R) Xeon(R) E-2274G CPU @ 4.00GHz processor with 4 cores and loaded ver. 12.1.1. I notice that I receive different Benchmark ...
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How can I ingest and analyze benchmark results posted at MSE?

How can I ingest Mathematica / WL benchmark results posted at Mathematica Stack Exchange (MSE), like the ones posted here? Assumptions: There are multiple answers with benchmarks posted The ...
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Benchmarks for new M1 MacBooks

Are there any benchmarks yet for Mathematica 12.1 on the new (13") M1 MacBook Air or (13") M1 MacBook Pro?
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Benchmarking with Mathematica v.12 for up to date comparison across different machines

I am planning to purchase a new computer especially to use for Mathematica programming purposes. Currently, I have MMA v.11. Could someone with Mathematica v.12 run the following benchmarking and ...
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Call out for a Mathematica benchmark database

Recently I came across with the lack of information about Mathematica performance in different machines, even though there's a benchmark process already implemented, the WolframMark. Data available ...
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Benchmarking problem in V11.3 on Win7/10 X64 [closed]

I am the guy that likes to use BenchmarkReport[],see here for example. I noticed this loooong time ago after 11.3 was released, but never reported it. I wonder if ...
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Constructing expressions using Sum vs Array[... Plus] vs Plus@@Table[...]

For constructing a sum of terms which are symbolic, I noticed that in addition to ...
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Number of capital letters

I am interested in counting a number of uppercase letters in the text. I do it in the following manner. ...
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Benchmark report seems to be slightly broken in 11.3.0

I am trying to use 11.3 to Benchmark. Something is strange in the opened report. And the Message said, What's up?
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Benchmarking: unexplained switching between high and low performance

tl;dr I am trying to accurately benchmark some vectorized operations, and compare them between systems. But benchmarking is hard to do well, and I am getting inconsistent results: performance is ...
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