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Normalizing a plot by introducing a variable

I am trying to plot the graph between P and x. My teacher wants me to normalize this graph by introducing a constant $k$ to get $P/k^2$ on the y-axis and $xk$ on the x-axis. I did that by doing a ...
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Controlling Placement of Label with AxisObject[]: Need it further below second axis

I'm trying to plot a second x axis below the first using AxisObject[] and Placed[] within the ...
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How to avoid ticks and labels from overlapping

Consider the following code ...
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How to control at what edges of the Plot3D box the AxesLabels show up?

I am making a Plot3D for an illustration. In this case, I have to find a ViewPoint which best shows the plot peculiarities. Sometimes, after the good ViewPoint has been found the plot hides some of ...
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