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About using and customizing the front-end's auto-completion feature

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New Needs alias - How to make autocomplete works

Mathematica 13 has a cool new feature for Needs. Now it's possible to use alias: Here is a simple doc example: The problem is, the autocomplete do not work for ...
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Autocomplete of non-global functions

In Mathematica 9 and 10 they added autocompletion. Out of the box this works great, but when I set the CellContext to "Notebook" ...
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Creating compiled search TRIE file for argument string completion

I'd like to generate a compiled search TRIE file (like those found in $InstallationDirectory\SystemFiles\FrontEnd\SystemResources\FunctionalFrequency\) to help ...
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How can autocomplete entries be added for DownValues and Properties?

I'd like to assign DownValues to a symbol like this x["firstvalue"] = 1; x["secondvalue"] = 2; And then have the ...
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Autocomplete is too greedy with the mouse

I have a frustrating user experience problem in Linux; a common occurrence when using the notebook might go like: I have, for some reason, used the mouse (e.g. to place the cursor) and then move the ...
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Exclude functions from auto-completion

Is there a way to exclude a function from auto-completion? Suppose that you are developing a package, and in the next version a function will be deprecated. It is better not to auto-complete it so ...
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A Curiosity: What is DispatchQ?

As shown below, my autofill in Mathematica showed an interesting function: DispatchQ. Yet, it does not appear in the Mathematica Documentation Center, a search for ...
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Mathematica 11 introduced strange autocomplete bug

today i upgraded from MM 10.4.1 (which run without any problems) to MM 11. But for me, it introduced a strange autocomplete-bug. When i try to type in "Plot" i get a huge (>5seconds) lag when i come ...
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Mathematica 9 Autocomplete Pop-up issue

I've just installed Mathematica 9.0.1 Student Edition on my Laptop and my Home PC. On my Laptop, it works just fine. But on my Home PC I get this weird issue of the pop-up command autocomplete window ...
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Boxes with autocompletion

Entities have this nice autocompletion of properties: How do I define autocompletion for my own boxes that behave the same way?
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Mathematica 11.3 no longer uses CodeAssistHistory Information to Order Autocomplete Results?

In previous versions of Mathematica I'm reasonably sure that the auto suggestions that appear when you begin typing were ordered by the frequency when you would use them. (I.e. typing "In" would ...
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How to get rid of a built-in context from autocomplete?

I have noticed that when I type the name of built-in function Limit in Mathematica, the autocomplete suggests two variants at the top: the first one is the working ...
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Autocomplete not working with tab key in Mathematica 10.3 on Ubuntu

When I want to autocomplete a function I can't use Tab key to expand what I typed in. If I press Tab, it escapes the popup suggestion menu. Autocomplete only works if I press Enter. Furthermore, once ...
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Missing Hover and Autocomplete INFO Buttons for Custom Paclet

I've built my own paclet application with documentation using Workbench 3 (Eclipse add-in 10.1.822) with MM 12.1 (there are currently issues with 12.2-3 and the only Workbench add-in update, which I'm ...
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Front end autocomplete popup becomes black

I have an annoying problem with Mathematica front end. Sometimes, the autocomplete popup becomes black and the content becomes unreadable as shown in the attached image. This can be fixed by ...
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autocomplete menu missing other options due to white space. How does space affect autocompletion?

I do not know if this was mentioned before. And I do not know if this is by design or not. But I noticed when starting to insert an option, in the middle of other options, the pop-up menu that comes ...
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Possible reduced GUI performance in 10.4

I have observed significantly reduced performance in GUI in Mathematica v10.4. This is especially visible in autocomplete feature delays. This is very evident when I turn some power saving features ...
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Why does Mathematica 10 autocomplete not work with \[Breve]?

Let us define the following symbol: v˘name (The Brave (˘) is typed by entering [EscapeKey]bv[EscapeKey].) In Mathematica 9, this symbol name is shown as a ...
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Autocomplete from inside Module and SetDelayed

Autocomplete in Mathematica 9 offers suggestions from inside SetDelayed and Module. For example, after running: ...
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Where are user-defined usage messages stored in the front-end for autocomplete stored -- and how can I clear them out?

I am writing some code which automatically sets the usage messages for a function, and I am having some trouble iterating on it, particularly in getting it to work correctly in the autocomplete. At ...
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Auto completion starting from anywhere in the name

Edit: After reading the last answer from the related question mentioned below I saw that it was all I needed. What I would like I would like to type Comp and automatically see auto complete ...
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Autocomplete file argument for custom function

When typing Import[" in a notebook Mathematica suggests to autocomplete the file path you want to enter or choose a file using the GUI. Is there a way to let a ...
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File path autocompletion options?

Suboptions like "FileCompleteEnable" in CodeAssistOptions are new in v10. Are there any options I can exercise with respect to the behavior of filepath autocompletion? Then is there anyway to set the ...
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Can mathematica be configured to auto pair different parenthese?

In DrRacket, the editor can auto pair different parentheses, for example code like (let [(x 3 and whether press ) or ...
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Completion boxes are blacked out

I have a weird "bug" that seems to happen at random. In some files, even simple ones that evaluate fine at first, the auto-completion boxes get blacked out after a few evaluations. The lines of the ...
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Why auto-completion menu selection gives error?

Is this supposed to happen? I used the auto-completion menu and selected a valid value it shows (first one from the menu), then Mathematica complained that the choice selected is not valid ! ...
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Question about variable name autocompletion in $Mathematica$ 9 on OS X

For the command autocompletion, I can simply use Ctrk+K and then use Return or Tab to choose the completion. But when I want to autocomplete the local variables I have input, Ctrk+K works, but both ...
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Automatic evaluation of a function for variable values defined from different data tables in the attachments

I want to evaluate a function whose variable values are defined in different data files. I want to know that how can I write code such that when the function's evaluation is exhausted for one table, ...
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How to use the autocomplete for built-in function's argument for a user defined symbol?

Suppose I have myFunction as follows: ClearAll[myFunction]; myFunction[unitName_,somethingElse_]:=...definition...; I want to ...
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Function template failed to use in Notebook context

For some reason, I need to set the Notebook context as the default context. And I follow the methods in to define a function ...
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