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Questions on arithmetic operations in Mathematica.

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Force computation on IEEE float/double

I'm checking two different procedures that will eventually be used with regular floating point arithmetic. I need to estimate numerical error arising from floating point arithmetic. Is there a way to ...
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How can one best implement the multiplication of octonions using the Quaternions package?

I excerpt from p. 4 of the recent paper of P. J. Forrester ( "Let $p_1$ and $p_2$ be quaternions. The octonion algebra consists of elements of the form $p_1+p_2 ...
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Problem with Mathematica Relationship Building

When I enter the following to get Mathematica to open my pod door I get Could someone try and replicate this? Also, my name is not Dave and I throw my own error... ...
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Explanation on why this gives overflow?

If you have a phrase like $10^{0.00057 \cdot 10^{42}}$ that gives "overflow", what is the reason? Is it because, well, something about the size of this whole thing?
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Buggy IntervalUnion with Quantities?

IntervalUnion can give wrong output when used with Quantity: ...
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Ordinal arithmetic

How can I compute with ordinals in mathematica? For instance, I'd like to query $2+\omega > 1 + 2 \omega$.
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Why does Log[Abs[#]] return a complex number?

For a nonzero number $x$, $\log|x|$ should be a real number. Why does the following NestList contain non-real numbers when no numbers involved are close to zero? Is it a bug? ...
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