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Area of ​a parametrically defined function

I can’t solve the problem; I need to find the area of ​​a parametrically defined function. According to the graph, part of the area has a negative sign. ...
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Trying to find the area enclosed by custom curves

I have a custom curve set, that self-intersects, but has a limited value set. As you can see in the attached picture, there is an area in the middle, that remains untouched by the curves. My question ...
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Finding the area enclosed by two curves

I am trying to find the area enclosed between two curves (i.e., two datasets). The challenge is to estimate the cross-sectional area. as indicated in blue. The first dataset represents the bathymetry ...
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Finding area under a region of a Parametric Plot using mesh functions

I have the following Mathematica code: ...
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Area, perimeter and other geometric parameters of a "cucumber"

From the simulation, I have got a region with a shape of a cucumber. Here are the boundary points of this region: ...
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Creating a Domain of Regions Defined by Random, Non-Intersecting Curves

I am trying to create a rectangular domain containing many curves that start and stop on either the left or right edges of the domain. These curves should not intersect. Additionally, I need to know ...
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Filling the area between three curves with the command Filling

Hi. I want to filling the are between the curves x^2, x and -x+1 from x=0 to x=a:=-1/2 + sqrt(5)/2. How can do this? Thanks.
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Given the coordinates of three vertices, what is a better way to find the area of the triangle? [duplicate]

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