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Wolfram Mathematica and Arduino serial data capture not working Dynamic stream

This post is a continuation and modified version of an earlier post from few years ago. Please help with the Dynamic function capturing data from a Serial stream from Arduino. I am not having luck ...
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0 answers

Unable to open Arduino device

I have a problem opening an Arduino device: I tried everything, but it keeps giving me this error message. Does anybody know how to fix it? I use Wolfram Mathematica 13.0 on Windows 10. I downloaded ...
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Microcontrollerembedcode unable to connect to Arduino Yun

Hi Mathematica enthusiasts, I am trying to follow this tutorial off Wolfram reference for microcontrollers Real Time Data Acquisition I have an Arduino Yun Rev2 hooked up exactly as it is from the ...
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Basic Arduino / Mathematica Connection

I'm trying to learn how to connect Mathematica to my Arduino Uno. Following the Examples in the reference documentation, I've done the following: connected my Arduino to my Windows 10 pc via USB; it'...
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