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Questions on applications that use (or are built using) Mathematica or are facilitated by Mathematica, including science, industry and other fields.

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Refernce Solution Fails with NDSolve

I'm trying to crosscheck a solution of an ODE that is already implemented in Python. In Python I'm using a Newton iteration together with periodic boundary conditions to solve my ODE. In order to get ...
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Grouping vectors into groups of 3 by attribute

Three groups are given, each with eight $3 \times3$-vectors: ...
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How would I use Mathematica to solve this question?

Given the following matrix, A, that corresponds to a particular subset of the world wide web: ...
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How can I create a form-like interface in Mathematica, suitable for Mathematica Player?

I want someting like: f(x)=(imput field) [Calculate] (button) Result=(output field)
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Solving the Shifted Neutral Axis Problem

Problem Description: In solving the "Shifted Neutral Axis" method for the stress distribution of a vertical steel vessel supported on a concrete foundation, we can derive the following ...
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Creating an Executable App

The CreateExecutable and Needs["CCompilerDriver"]` commands can run .exe applications in MMA. I would like to know if it is ...
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Symbol appears in multiple contexts when loading package

I'm building a Mathematica application "APPStestI" that contains three packages: SUBappsA.m, SUBappsB.m, SUBappsC.m and APPStestI.m. Where APPStestI.m is the main package; SUBappsA.m and SUBappsB.m ...
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Problem with small program: Error: "Charting Private pvar"

Im in the making of a smaller self-running application. I have made a small piece of the program as it has to look in the end. However, sometimes when i change some of the input for either "demand" or ...
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Application of ODE

I got to do some assignment for my Student Research. 1. Cat and mouse are in room which is shape in sqare . Cat is in one topic square, mouse in another one. In topic square oposite than cat position ...
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Any guide for porting legacy AddOn to newer version of Mathematica?

Years ago, I purchased the Structural Mechanics Application for Mathematica. I decided to take a look at it again, but it has not been ported to Mathematica 10. It is only available for Mathematica ...
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How install the UserHelp add-on?

How to install UserHelp I'm totally baffled about how to install the parent add-on, UserHelp of ...
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No File > Install menu entry in v11?

In Mathematica 11.0.1 for Raspberry pi, there is no File > Install menu entry. Can you confirm this for other platforms (Windows, Mac, unix) ? If so, how to install a Mathematica application, so ...
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Failure connecting JLink with Android Studio -Java application

I want to connect an android application with Mathematica, in order to make some computations and then return the results to the user. I have downloaded Mathmatika and run the Examples from JLink ...
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Prevent autocompletion for symbols in contexts other than "`Private`" [duplicate]

I've been working on a Mathematica package (call it QuantumDot) that has become huge. Right now, all the back-end helper functions are in context ...
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What are some "real-world" applications of Mathematica? [closed]

I have a theory, which I am in the process of writing about in a blog post, that other than in applications in mathematics (symbolic logic), Mathematica's primary usefulness is in encouraging a kind ...
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Can Mathematica be used for developing "normal" stand-alone software?

Can Mathematica be used for developing "normal" stand-alone software? I understand "normal" is not a very good qualifier. What I mean by it is software that people usually develop in Java and C++ so ...
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Writing a conventional free-standing application in Mathematica (CDF)

I intend to write a small program that can be exported to CDF and consist of two main parts: A. The construction of a layered structure consisting of different materials. B. Superimposing ...
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