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OpenCLLink M1 not supported

I am currently using Macbook Air M1 Wolfram Engine 13.3 Compile, FunctionCompile works with no issues, however an attempt to ...
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Benchmark for m2 air and m2 pro macbook

Could anyone post a Mathematica benchmark for Macbook on M2 processor? I was wondering how it compares to M1.
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What computer should I load Mathmatica on; Laptop or deskstop?

Perhaps this is a silly question but I am torn which is preferred. I like the mobility of a laptop that doesn't have to be connected to the web. I hope this an appropriate question. I have been a ...
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How do I launch a kernel under Rosetta when I'm running the FrontEnd natively on Apple Silicon?

It's easy to launch a frontend under Rosetta, which will naturally start its kernels under Rosetta as well. For example, you can check a box in the Get Info window of Mathematica in the Finder, among ...
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7 votes
1 answer

Optimal parallelization on Apple Silicon

I have the 2021 13 inch Macbook Pro with the M1 Pro chip (with $ProcessorCount equal to 10), currently running Mathematica 13.0.0. I have had a good experience with serial computations on this chip, ...
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Manipulation of a large list

I am doing a few fairly simple math operations on a large array with dimensions of 21600 by 43200 integers (ByteCount of 22,396,780,880 bytes) and I'm surprised at the long time that the computations ...
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8 votes
1 answer

IGraphM on Apple Silicon?

I recently got a new laptop with Apple's M1 Max processor and now the IGraphM installer ...
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14 votes
1 answer

M1 Apple silicon ML performance

Testing out a new M1 Macbook pro with Mathematica 13.0.0. I verified that I used the correct version and it is running natively on ARM. Mathematica in general runs great, and much fast than on my ...
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7 votes
1 answer

M1Pro benchmarks off?

My MacbookAir M1 provided inspiring results for BenchmarkReport[] ... a score of 3.18. I was excited to run this on my new MBPro with M1Max... and got a very low ...
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1 answer

AceGen/ AceFem on new M1 Mac

Apple has updated its processors some time ago and I am curious if AceGen/ AceFem are compatible with this latest generation of the Apple M1 processors? And maybe someone can already report on the ...
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Mathematica 12.3.1 Apple M1

Mathematica version 12.3.1 just recently came out, and one of the biggest things is the support for apple silicon, the M1...I completely uninstalled version 12.3 and just reinstalled 12.3.1 to do some ...
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1 answer

Benchmarks for new M1 MacBooks

Are there any benchmarks yet for Mathematica 12.1 on the new (13") M1 MacBook Air or (13") M1 MacBook Pro?
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