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Factorize into only positive terms, when values are known to be probabilities

I have a large term (a small snippet of which is below as an example) that I am aiming to prove is positive. I know that all the involved values are probabilities and in particular, they lie in (0, 1)....
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Mathematica 13 seems to have stopped automatically escaping "->"

In Mathematica 12 and earlier, if I type -> and then continue typing this is automatically turned into an arrow pointing towards the right: In Mathematica 13 ...
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In Windows Classic theme the buttons on toolbars have no borders

This is under Mathematica 13.0 and Windows 11: In Preferences, the situation is even worse: Since all those windows are Mathematica notebooks, maybe it is possible to fix them?
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How to make former 3d buttons look

Buttons in the latest Mathematica version 13 (and perhaps even a little bit before) have lost their nice embossed look. They now look like simple flat rectangles in their default style. Is there a way ...
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Changes in the appearance of Mathematica 12.3 when running

I recently installed the 12.3 version of Mathematica and got a bad problem. When I want to run some Mathematica files written in the 12.1 version, the appearance of the Mathematica changes badly so ...
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Changing Slider Style [duplicate]

Is there any option to customize the Slider tracker to an image or a Graphics object? What about simply changing its colour? For ...
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Inconsistent appearance of square root sign in plot labels

Observe the inconsistency in the appearance of the title on the following plots: ...
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Aesthetic Constant Vectorial Field 3D-Plot

I am trying to 3D-Plot a constant Vectorial Field: ...
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Style options to make initialization cells appear like regular cells?

I find the discontinuous grey rectangles around those cells to be distracting. Any way I can make them look like regular cells?
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Avoid clipping label in IntervalSlider?

For custom appearances IntervalSlider seems to clip on the right side: ...
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