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Color Range of Chart Style in DensityHistogram and How to Annotate?

I have experimental data in the structure of thousands of {x,y} set. So, I want to get the 2D histogram of x and y. I found the Function called DensityPlot and DensityHistogram. The former seemed that ...
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How to rotate text in user coordinate system?

Applying Rotate to text rotates it relative to the Cartesian page coordinates. I want it rotated relative to the current user coordinate system. As a simple ...
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Difference between (Names of ) Symbols and Mathematical Objects [closed]

The documentation says: "The Wolfram Language by default interprets any sequence of letters or letter‐like forms as the name of a symbol." But when I test for example the object "=...
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Labeling images for TrainImageContentDetector

I want to use TrainImageContentDetector on a directory of ~2k unlabeled images. I'm willing to put in the effort to label them, but I was never good at using "...
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How to identify gender and family roles of characters in novel excerpts?

I am playing with Natural language programming in Mathematica, and can't figure out how to extract the entity classes (i.e. male, female) for the following example text: "This was a pleasant ...
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How to select/filter vertices in a graph given some Annotation value?

I recently found out that making custom annotations to a vertex in a graph is quite useful. But, how can we filter the vertex list/set, given the properties in the annotations? Suppose I have some ...
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