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Questions about integrating Mathematica and .Net using the .NET/Link functionality provided with Mathematica.

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In .NET/Link, how do I not open multiple kernels?

I'm writing an ASP.NET page intended for multiple users. On the backend we have datatypes that are primarily mathematical, and interact with Mathematica for string-to-double evaluations, among others....
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Load a Mathematica Package via .Net code

I'm using C# to pass data to Mathematica and return graphs: ...
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Converting Excel serial dates with NETLink

Excel serial dates are not straightforward to convert since they include non-existent dates, e.g. {DatePlus[{1990, 1, 0}, 59], DatePlus[{1990, 1, 0}, 60]} {{...
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Embed a Microsoft RichEdit 8 control in a Mathematica notebook using .NETLink?

Does anyone know whether or not it's possible to embed a RichEdit 8 control within a Mathematica Notebook using .NETLink? The goal here would be able to both view and edit mathematical text typeset ...
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Does Mathematica have a "MATLAB Builder" equivalent?

I was wondering if Mathematica has an equivalent of MATLAB's "MATLAB Builder" as seen here? I found this but it reads as if all programs using .NET/Link must have Mathematica installed on them as ...
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How to output from a .NET console app to an existing Notebook in Mathematica?

I'm wondering if its possible push output from a .NET console application to an existing Notebook that is open in Mathematica. The reason I'd like this is that I want to use Mathematica as a "...
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Socket communication and player pro

I'd like to create a simple communication channel between MMA and the animation package 'Maya'. This is possible over sockets ( very simple, just sending and receiving strings). I've got this working ...
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Using Mathematica as a data visualization front end for .Net applications?

I have a C# application that has 3-dimensional data that I wish to plot. Controls in C# for surface modeling are, in my experience, rather limited. I wish to have my C# application send the 3D point ...
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How can I deploy DLL files created by a Fortran function and call them from Mathematica

This is my Fortran function, established by Intel visual Fortran 11.1 ...
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Is it possible to embed the Mathematica editor?

Is it possible to embed a Mathematica window into a .NET application? I mean not just the interop, but actually making the notebook editor window part of a .NET form. Is this possible?
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Open Excel file with Mathematica

I would like to open an Excel file and manipulate it as a COM object. While I'm able to open an instance of excel with ...
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Efficiently deleting rows in many large text files

I have 500 text files each of about 200000 rows. I need to delete one row in each of them as fast as possible (later such operations will repeat). What is the best way to do this with Mathematica? ...
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How do I call a 32-bit DLL using .NET/Link and a 64-bit version of Mathematica?

The .NET/Link tutorial shows how to call functions defined in DLLs. The example uses the GetTickCount Win32 API function ...
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Using .NET 4.0 from NETLink

Using Mathematica 8, I can check the version of the .NET framework used by NETLink as follows: ...
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Calling IronPython code from Mathematica

I'd like to call some IronPython code from Mathematica using .NET/Link. The problem is that the code lives in .py files, yet from Mathematica I can only load .NET assemblies which are DLLs. So it ...
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Suppress Mathematica Kernel taskbar tab when using .NETLink

Is there a possibility to suppress the Mathematica Kernel taskbar tab when accessing it through .NETLink on Windows?
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Is it possible to use C# LINQ from Mathematica using .NET/Link?

Using Mathematica's .NET/Link (NETLink`) package, is it possible to call out to .NET's LINQ facilities for list manipulation and other operations?
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