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How can I fill under a function in a plot just to right of a specified vertical line? [duplicate]

How do I plot a normal curve with filling under the curve and to the right of a vertical line. I would prefer that the vertical line starts at the x-axis and stops at the plotted curve. Basically ...
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Can you Plot over some range but apply the "Filling" option over a smaller range? [duplicate]

I would like to shade the area between a function, and a line, but only over a specific range. This range is smaller than the range of the entire plot. The example code and plot below make my goal ...
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Filling only part of a plot [duplicate]

I have something plotted on [-6,6] but I would like to fill only the part from [-5,5] (to the axis). I'm looking through the documentation but I'm not terribly well-versed in Mathematica and can't ...
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How can I limit the filling range in a list plot? [duplicate]

This is an example from ListPlot in the Mathematica documentation. ...
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Fill to the left of the y-axis only [duplicate]

I have the following code that produces a plot of a Normal distribution: ...
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Fill curve betwen specified abscissa points [duplicate]

I am plotting the Maxwell-Boltzman distribution of molecular speeds. I want to be able to select a region to integrate using a manipulate function. Then I want to have that same region filled in on ...
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How do I fill the positive side of a graph? [duplicate]

I'm trying to plot $\sin(x)/x$ and fill the positive side. How do I achieve that? I know how to fill the entire axis. Here's what I have: ...
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How to plot a portion of a curve and the area under it [duplicate]

I want to display the portion of the curve Plot[Exp[-x^2], {x, 0, 1}, PlotStyle -> {Blue}, Filling -> Bottom, GridLines -> {{0.6}, {0.7}}] (and the area ...
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How can I plot a curve with a filled sub-domain? [duplicate]

How can I plot a curve with a filled sub-domain as shown below?
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Different curve color and filling in a subdomain of a plot [duplicate]

What is an easy way to define a filling and a color for a curve in the subdomain going from $0$ to $1$? ...
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Graphically display integration region of some function [duplicate]

If I have some arbitrary curve $f(x)$ and I want to integrate it with a set of limits, is it possible to colour the area under this curve that I have integrated based on the limits?
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Plot Filling restricted to domain segment

I'm trying to plot the function $f(x)=\dfrac{1}{x^2}$, filling the square area from (0,0) to (1,1) with purple and filling the area under the curve from 1 to 4 with red. However, Mathematica is not ...
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Filling and Shading an Harmonic Curve

Suppose I have an equation plotted as shown: ...
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Filling and colouring

I am plotting to functions that look like this: I have used Filling -> Axis inside a plot and it produces the above example. My question is if I can more ...
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Filling the Area Under a Curve Bounded on the Left and Right

Grandson & I are once again using Mathematica to demonstrate some of his calculus. He's on definite integrals now. His problem asked him to determine the area under the curve for y = 3 x, ...
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