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Why don't Part, Apply and other standard tools work with Region objects? [duplicate]

Consider the following discretization of a region object: region = DiscretizeRegion[Disk[], MaxCellMeasure -> ∞] Head[region] InputForm[region] which returns ...
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How to extract argument of MeshRegion-Object? [duplicate]

Consider examplary a MeshRegion-Object test = MeshRegion[{{0, 0}, {1, 0}, {2,1/2}, {2, -1/2}}, {Line[{1, 2}], Line[{2, 3}],Line[{3, 4}],Line[{4, 2}]}]; Looking ...
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How to convert Graph atomic object back into unevaluated expression? [duplicate]

For the purposes of further development of my shortInputForm function, I wish to convert Atomic objects such as Graph into non-...
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Evaluated vs. unevaluated Association

This question might have a remote connection to my older question, it is also about sameness of expressions and subtle differences observable only in certain forms. I encountered this strange ...
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Removing edge weights from a Graph

Bug introduced in 8.0 and fixed in 12.2. How can I remove EdgeWeights from a Graph without affecting any other properties of ...
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Is it OK that SameQ considers expressions identical, although they have different structure?

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Region from points

Is there a built-in way to define a 3D region from an arbitrary list of points. The points will represent vertices of the edges of the region and we can assume that 1) they are not all on the same ...
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Fractional Keys in Associations

I got into an unfortunate situation, involving fractions that can get changed by evaluation, which occur as (part of) keys in my associations. I will probably steer far away from the entire situation, ...
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What is idiomatic way to extract NumericArray from Image?

It is easy to see that NumericArray is a construct underlying Image: ...
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Remove or change edge weights of graph with good performance

How can I remove edge weights from a graph, or change all edge weights in one go, with good performance, while preserving edge ordering? Consider this weight vector and unweighted graph: ...
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Why equivalent Graph objects yield different results?

Bug introduced in 10.0 or earlier and fixed in 12.0. I am working with Mma 11.2 for win 7. I am confusing about the results returned by ConnectedGraphQ described ...
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How do I change the Head of Graph into List?

I am trying to change the Head of b (a NeighborhoodGraph) from Graph into List but Apply seems to fail. I start with a list of connected vertices: ...
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How to represent 1 as Symbol["Integer"]

Maybe this is a boring question, but I cannot figure it out. Because every expression has a Head, and Head[1] is ...
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How do I replace expressions inside a Graph object?

Say I have a Graph with some labels, and I want to change one of the labels. For example ...
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How to test if an Audio object is file backed and extract the file path?

Audio objects can be file backed and support out of core processing. How can I test if an Audio object is file backed and ...
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