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I am trying to plot a set of data using ListLogLogPlot. x = {4.*^14, 4.*^15, 4.*^16}; y = {1170, 243, 50}; data = Partition[Riffle[x, y], 2]; However, when I go ...
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Labeling a bar chart, changing how rotated labels are centered

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Vertical alignment of FrameTicks Text

The text box of a FrameTick/Tick is, by default, vertically centered on the tick mark. Is there a way to adjust the vertical alignment of FrameTick text? Specifically, along the lines of Baseline, ...
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Diagonal Tick Marks

I would like to draw diagonal tick marks around a plot, and simultaneously rotate the tick labels as well. I've mocked up what this would look like: Is there an easy way to do this in Mathematica? I ...
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FullGraphics ticks problem

In the document of FullGraphics, it promise to produce the same graphic result as the input one: ...
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How to place rotated text labels on a discrete plot

I'm trying to create a discrete plot with horizontal tick labels consisting of specified text. Here's a simple example: X={2,3,4,5} DiscretePlot[X[[k]], {k, 1, 4}] ...
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Prevent scientific form plot ticks

How can I most cleanly force Mathematica not to print ticks in scientific notation? Do I have to manually provide the tick labels? Rendering the numbers in exact form would be sufficient. If there is ...
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How do you adjust tick direction on a 3d plot?

I have a 3d plot with oddly angled tick marks. Whether it's due to the viewing angle being unexpected or some other reason, the tick marks on the bottom axes are angled up along the sides rather than ...
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How can I avoid label collisions? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How can I influence the spaces between labels on a BarChart How can I avoid label collisions in plot ticks and labels? For example, here is a histogram with colliding frame ...
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How to align rotated BarChart labels? [duplicate]

I'd like to use long text labels for a simple BarChart, but when I apply a rotation to label strings with different lengths the end of the text is no longer aligned ...
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Left justified text when using FrameTicks [duplicate]

I want to draw a MatrixPlot and replace the FrameTicks with cities names, as shown bellow. The problem is that ...
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Change format of ticks to prevent collision

I am plotting large figures and the ticks on the X axes (horizontal) are colliding since there are many trailing zeros from numbers like "1000000" and then directly after the number "2000000". As an ...
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Make rotated labels to be the near position of ticks?

When rotate the tick labels, the labels will be centered at the tick position. ...
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