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Placing a ContourPlot under a Plot3D

I would like to combine a 3-dimensional graph of a function with its 2-dimensional contour-plot underneath it in a professional way. But I have no idea how to start. I have a three of these I would ...
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Extract values for ViewMatrix from a Graphics3D

Under More Information in the help page of ViewMatrix the following entry can be found With the setting ...
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How to plot a figure like this

I saw a beautiful figure illustrating the optical lattice clock, and would like to make a similar one. This is the figure (taken from here) Is it possible to make a similar one using Mathematica? ...
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Composition of functions

I have a number of rotations computed by rot = RotationTransform[theta, point], and I would like to compose them to produce one function that is the composition of ...
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How to properly project a Graphics object consisting of line primitives

My problem starts from attempts at depicting overlapping lines of different thickness, i.e. ...
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How can I superimpose a set of points on a ContourPlot?

I am familiar with Mathematica to a certain extent, but its subtleties still elude me. Currently I am trying to solve the following problem: The function $f(x,y)$ is continuous. I know how to create ...
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Adding positional guides to multiple points in 3D plots?

I have a graph showing multiple points in 3D space and need to accurately be able to represent their position. I'm looking to add dropping points underneath similar to this example graphic: I could ...
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How to get shadows in Graphics3D?

It was a shock to me when I found that in Graphics3D a surface is always transparent to the light sources: ...
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Projection of curve 3D (x,y,z) on the x-y plane

I have a following systeme : \begin{equation} \left\{ \begin{array}{rcr} (\beta+\frac{1}{2}\delta^{2})\nu_{1}(u)-\delta\nu_{2}(u)+\nu_{3}(u)& = &0\\ (\beta+\frac{1}{2}\delta^{2})\...
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point light shining "through" polygons?

How can I get the point light to stop shining through the polygons? Faces that should be occluded by other faces are glowing green... :( ...
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How to add an outline around a closed 3D surface?

I would like to add a black outline (silhouette) all around a closed surface. Here's a MWE code to work with : ...
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How to get to ComponentMeasurements[] from orthographic projection of a Graphics3D[] object?

Let's say I have some composite 3D graphics of various shapes. For simplicity, let's say these are just two capsules, like below: ...
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How do you manipulate a line that starts at a fixed point and moves with another line?

I'm trying to create a simulation of a person(line) walking along a wall(plane) with a lamppost behind the person(fixed point) that casts a shadow along the wall while the person is moving. I'm having ...
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