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How can I export 3D plots as vector graphics? [duplicate]

Consider the following simple example code: plot3D = ListPlot3D[{{0, 0, 1}, {1, 0, 0}, {0, 1, 0}}, Mesh -> All]; Export["plot3D.pdf", plot3D] As clearly seen, ...
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Export Plots to $\LaTeX$

What is the quickest and best way to export a plot image from Mathematica to a $\LaTeX$ Editor? Is there something quicker than exporting it to an image and then including it in the $\LaTeX$ document?
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Export MatrixPlot graphics to PDF

I am trying to export a plot generated by MatrixPlot to PDF but am having problems with the way the exported PDF is rendered. ...
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How do I flatten transparency on a graphics, for conversion to eps or similar?

I've got a graphic that I'd like to save as an eps file. Trouble is, the graphic has some transparency to it. Since the eps format doesn't handle transparency, I want to flatten the transparency out, ...
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Exporting 2D & 3D graphics for use in Adobe Illustrator

I have recently (perhaps since Mathematica Version 10?) encountered a change in how PDF images are saved and how they behave after being loaded into Adobe Illustrator (v16.0.4 under Mac OS X 10.10.5). ...
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PDF Export crashes Mathematica

Bug introduced in 11.1.0 and fixed in 11.2.0 The following crashes the Front End when evaluated in version 11.1.0. Can anyone reproduce it? WARNING! A Front End crash means losing all unsaved ...
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Exporting 2D projection of 3D graph in SVG form

For 3D, Mathematica does not export SVG as vector graphics, it just puts an encoded png image inside svg file. Same happens if one exports as .eps or .pdf This question does not address the problem ...
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How to insert Graphics3D into Graphics without white frame

According to this post, the proper way to export 3D graphics as vector graphics is by inserting them into a 2D regular Graphics as ...
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How do I cut down on file size of exported eps without losing quality?

I need to import the following to eps so that I can put it into my TeX file. The problem is two-fold: the exported file looks terrible (unlike the Mathematica output), and secondly, the file size is ...
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Exporting 3D eps figures with transparent background

I am attempting to export a 3D plot from mathematica with no background, but I seem to be unable to find a way. ...
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Converting 3D graphics to 2D for better export

I noticed that exporting a Graphics3D object into a vector graphics format, like SVG or PDF, produces a rasterized version of the graphics, while 2D objects are ...
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How can we Rasterize only plots profile without frame or labels?

Exporting very dense DensityPlot or Plot3D figures as vectors (pdf, eps) become very huge in size. for example, exporting this ...
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Reducing the size of exported .eps files to the minimum necessary

Running version 10.3 on my Power Mac with 22 Gbytes of memory I can create and export an .eps or .pdf graphics such as, ...
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Projecting Graphics3D onto the 2D plane for vector export (and solving other issues; revisited)

tl;dr: Q: How can we turn a Graphics3D into a manageable Graphics object with only 2D graphics primitives for vector export? A:...
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Exporting 3D graphics in vectorial form

I often have to export a 3D graphics to a PDF file, to be opened and edited with my favorite vectorial application ('m using Intaglio, on OS X). I frequently get two problems (see the picture below, ...
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