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What alternative notation of subscripts/superscripts that are also treated as SYMBOLS in Mathematica?

I tried to avoid using the subscript $A_0$ in the Module, and get an error with $A[0]$. ...
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How to create symbols from strings and set values for them?

I am trying to convert a list of string names into symbols, which will then be used to store data. I have 24 files (where the name of each file is a member of the list mentioned above) that I need to ...
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Create an adaptive amount of local variables for error propagation

I intend to write a function which calculates the result and the error for any formula with any amount of variables using the Gauß Error Propagation. The error $\mathrm{d}R$ for a function $A(a,b,c)$ ...
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Table of Variables

I use a list of variables {x1, x2, x3} to Solve a particular set of equations. I am now trying to generalise this depending on ...
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How can I test properties of a symbol from the string name without the symbol completely evaluating

Suppose I have a few symbols, one of which has a value: {abc1, abc2 = 5, abc3}; I can use Names to get the list of names, as ...
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Generating a vector of dummy variables

So I'm the situation of needing analytical solutions to a family of equations of the form Ax=b, where A is an nxn matrix. I've written a function that does what I want, but I'm currently using a bit ...
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How to replace subscript symbols

I have an expression with subscripted variables. I would like to replace all those terms with other symbols. For example, $P_1 + P_2^3 \rightarrow P1 + P2^3$ I used the following code but it doesn't ...
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How to 'merge' a list like FromDigits, but with a mixture of numbers and symbols?

How do I go from {C,4,G,5,S,7} to C4G5S7
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Automatically compute r[1] = r1; r[2] = r2; …

I have three variables like this, r1 = 4; r2 = 3; r3 = 1; and I want to insert them into a function use them in a function definition like so: ...
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Proper use of arbitrary number of variables

So, I'm working on a project where the number of independent variables is not fixed. Consider a problem of $N$ independent variables, $\boldsymbol{r}$. I want to perform different things with them. ...
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Arbitrary number of variables in Module, Block, etc

How do I specify an arbitrary number of variable names and initialize them inside of a Module or Block? For example, I want to do something like: ...
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