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Using the Mathematica front-end efficiently for editing notebooks

Background: I have used Vim for 15+ years. There is a certain "one"-ness with the editor one achieves. Emacs users also experience this. Notepad users do not. My current interaction with the ...
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Is there a shortcut to select all cells above the current cursor position?

Is there a command / menu entry / keyboard shortcut to evaluate all cells above / up to the current cursor position? I have the feeling I am missing something elementary here... Addendum: In fact, it ...
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Preventing Superscript from being interpreted as Power when using Ctrl+^ shortcut?

I have very strong desire to use superscript as the index of the variable. However, it looks like that the Mathematica automatically recognize the superscript as the power and I got message that my ...
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Restarting Mathematica automatically

I run a large computation in a loop. At each cycle of the loop I produce large arrays that I save on a disk. At each cycle I would like to Quit Mathematica and ...
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Customize keybindings without modifying files in the installation directory

I would like to know if I can modify key bindings without being able to modify the in the installation directory. So maybe putting another one in my home dir and linking to it ...
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Mathematica notebook autocompletion completely disappears

Just as what is described in the title, the notebook behaves as if it were originally designed to not have the autocompletion functionality at all. Neither Ctrl+K nor F2 works. Furthermore, ...
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Version 10.2, key shortcuts for matching brackets do not work?

Bug introduced in 10.2 System: Linux Once updated to 10.2, my Alt+} and Alt+) do not return a pair of brackets but a single right one, as if Alt is not pressed. Alt+] still works.
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Shortcut for Selecting Current Cell

Is there any shortcut or keyboard hot-key which selects the current cell? I am basically looking for the exact effect as clicking on cell bracket but achieved using keyboard instead of mouse. I ...
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How to overwrite key shortcuts?

It is very handy to have shortcuts for frequently used glyphs, e.g. [[, ]], <|, ...
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In search of lost time: Mathematica keyboard shortcuts

I am wondering about all the shortcuts that there are in Mma, besides the documented ones in Are there any undocumented ...
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Shortcut key to extend selection in the same way as mouse multiclicks

I would like to make a key-binding to select everything below one level above my the current postion of the cursor. This should be the same what happens if I multi-click on an expression -- each click ...
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Is there a keyboard shortcut that reproduces the code two input cells above the current cursor location?

In Mathematica running on OS X, Cmnd+L is one of my favorite keyboard shortcuts, as it reproduces the code in the input cell above cursor location into the current cell or into a new cell when the ...
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Consistency between Enter keys

The notebook tutorial notes that Shift+Enter needs to be pressed to evaluate input; however, for the number pad, only Enter is required. It appears as though the use of Shift is inverted for the ...
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Can one use Ctrl and cursor position to get short documentation from a function like hovering

I would like to minimize how often I use my mouse. One time where I have to use the mouse is when I hover over a function to see the options for that function and a short explanation of the usage of ...
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