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Where can I find examples of good Mathematica programming practice?

I consider myself a pretty good Mathematica programmer, but I'm always looking out for ways to either improve my way of doing things in Mathematica, or to see if there's something nifty that I haven't ...
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Can one identify the design patterns of Mathematica?

... or are they unnecessary in such a high-level language? I've been thinking about programming style, coding standards and the like quite a bit lately, the result of my current work on a mixed .Net/...
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How to make use of Associations?

I have been curious about it for long. Now that Mathematica 10 arrives, I think it's time to ask the question: How the new Association data structure would be used ...
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Changing Values in an Association using Map

I am trying to change the value of one key in an association based on the value of another key in that association. So if my association starts as: ...
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Is it possible to reference "self" from a pure function?

This would calculate the factorial of 6, if the "self" was the function itself. Is there something that could allow this? ...
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Why does the documentation call functions "pure"?

Clearly, Functions in mathematica are not pure functions according to the definition on Wikipedia (no side effects - basically implementabe with table lookups) the ...
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Garbage collection for lexical closures

Mathematica is known not to garbage collect temporary variables in certain cases. I am particularly interested in the very useful programming pattern known as a lexical closure. A somewhat trivial ...
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How to convert a string of number into real numbers without precision loss

I searched and did not find similar answers which can resolve the 'no precision loss' issue. A sample string is: ...
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Constructing a List of Functions

I would like to construct a list of Functions that can be used like: F[z][[i]] Where one can choose between list elements with ...
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Time complexity to choose the right overload from the memoized function

If we want to save some outputs of the function, we often use the memoization pattern as follows, f[x_]:=f[x]=x f/@Range[10^5] If I call this function many times ...
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