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How to map and sum a list fast?

The following takes a lot of memory and is slow: AbsoluteTiming[Total[Map[#^2 &, Range[1, 100000000]]]] I suspect this is because it first calculates and ...
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How do I get built-in functions to use custom objects as if they were e.g. List?

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Breaking "Functional Loops" and Doing Lazy Evaluation In Mathematica

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Is it possible to generate iterators dynamically during parallel processing?

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How to use Streaming package in v11.1?

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Append a list as a column in a dataset

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What is the best equivalent way in MMA to micmicking python's generator expression?

In python, there is a syntax called generator expression. For example, [i for i in range(1,5)], [i**2 for i in range(1,5)], and <...
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Lazy form of Tuples/Outer to loop over list of lists

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Determining what symbols are defined in a DumpSave / .mx file [duplicate]

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Alternative to Subsets to generate k-combinations

I need to generare a huge number of k-combinations for a quite big set of numbers (more than 100), so I would avoid Subsets because it requires too much memory (it generates all subsets at once). I ...
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Performance improvements by using Activate and Inactivate

In a question about improving performance of a TensorContract of a TensorProduct, user jose suggested replacing ...
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Efficient lazy weak compositions

In Mathematica all weak k-compositions of integer n can be generated using permutations of integer partitions: ...