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Where can I find examples of good Mathematica programming practice?

I consider myself a pretty good Mathematica programmer, but I'm always looking out for ways to either improve my way of doing things in Mathematica, or to see if there's something nifty that I haven't ...
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What are some useful, undocumented Mathematica functions?

There have already been some questions about some undocumented functionality in Mathematica. Such as (please add to these lists!) How can one find undocumented options or option values in Mathematica?...
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List of compilable functions

Is there somewhere a list on the functions that Compile can compile, or the cases in which a particular function can be compiled that I haven't found? I'd be glad ...
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How to compile effectively?

What are the best practices of compiling functions? I understand that this is a vague question, but let me list some aspects that might trigger useful answers. Some of these have already been answered ...
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Better code to find Narcissistic number

My code finding Narcissistic numbers is not that slow, but it's not in functional style and lacks flexibility: if $n \neq 7$, I have to rewrite my code. Could you give some good advice? ...
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How to compile the code for generate Pythagorean_triple?

I am finding Pythagorean_triple, it worked slowly. I tried to compile, but it gives some warnings. I also use "Case" or "Do" ,both of them failed.I'm sure my CCompiler has been set correctly. How can ...
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What's the deal with next generation Wolfram compiler?

Sources: Old Compiler (Rob Knapp Nov2011) Computer Science in Mathematica (Abdul Dakkak Dec2014) Compilation Technology (Tom Wickham-Jones, Abdul Dakkak & Steve Wilson Dec2015) The Wolfram ...
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Efficiently collecting results inside a compiled function

When we don't know the number of results that will be generated, the usual way to collect results is Reap/Sow. Another ...
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Delete elements from a list really fast

I have this bit of code that works, but it's very slow when there are 600k elements in the list: ...
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How to convert output of a For loop into a list

I have written a For loop in my Mathematica notebook. This For loop, when activated, will generate a sequence something like: ...
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How to build a list of elements satisfying a certain property without building a list of all elements first?

Is there a way to directly build a list of elements that satisfy a certain property? More precisely, I am looking for a function IncludeIf (this is a placeholder ...
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Third argument of Compile

In his last comment on this answer, halirutan shows an example in which the third argument of Compile does not have any effect. The example is as follows. ...
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How to evaluate a function on a list until stable?

I need to evaluate a function func on a range of integers (NOT recursively, just sequentially) until the result is stable enough. I can write a not very clever step-...
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Picking items from a list

There's probably a Mathematica primitive to do this, but I don't know what it is...suppose I wanted to construct a list of all integers from $1$ to $n$ that were not divisible by $12$, and that were ...
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Can't make more than 249 Internal`Bags in a Table

I need a lot of Internal`Bags so I made them with Table. It works fine for 249 or fewer Bags...
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