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Loading screen during evaluation? [duplicate]

I am just curious, can I print something while I am working on calculation? Not about how much the evaluation is progressing. Just simple changing image or text. Like loading screen (hourglasses on ...
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What is the difference between Dynamic[x] and Dynamic[ h[x] ] for DynamicModule variables?

Bug introduced in 9.0 or earlier and persisting through 12.0 In 11.3 it is even worse. An example from the accepted answer with a Slider is now broken too: ...
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Progress Indicator for NestList

I have a time consuming function that is going to be iterated in a Nest or NestList and I would like to know if there is a good ...
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Activity indicators for slow Dynamic expressions?

With Dynamic and gui-constructs like Popup I always have a problem: when an expression takes a while to evaluate the Dynamic ...
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How to create a window which will close in a certain amount of time?

I'm currently making an interface in Mathematica and I'll need to bump a window out and then let it close itself in a certain amount of time. Here's an short example to illustrate the effect: ...
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Working with Dynamic: Synchronization with EventActions ( and other preemptive evaluations)

I would like to make a simple "game": Display a dialog with a random letter, if the same letter is pressed on the keyboard, the display changes into a string ...
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How to express calculation time with ProgressIndicator

How to express calculation time with ProgressIndicator. I want to make the following CDF document. ...
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Synchronizing code in Dynamics with other procedures

I have huge code and some problem. I don't know how to make example. I'm afraid I can't make good SMALL example to demonstrate you the problem. So I'll try to explain. Maybe somebody know about such ...
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Abort long evaluation and show intermediate results

I am doing a time-intensive calculation and I would like to have the option to stop the calculation but obtain the current (last) result. Generally, I do some groundwork as what can be done before ...
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Using a progress bar in a functional expression

If we have a procedural construct like a Do loop or Table, it is straightforward to make a progress bar to indicate the percent ...
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Creating a warning before executing a function if not cancelled?

How could I create a warning dialog that executes a function if not cancelled after a delay ? Also I would like the time remaining before execution to be displayed and the dialog to be non blocking.
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How to show system busy during Dynamic with SynchronousUpdating -> False?

For long running evaluations in Dynamic it is recommended that SynchronousUpdating -> False be used to prevent time-out. ...
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Initializing Manipulate without grey bar

I have a relatively long code inside Manipulate that computes an output depending on controls. Computation takes about a second, so I am using ...
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How can I implement a progress indicator construct which would work on a Manipulate panel?

I usually process data such as follows: Module[ {vars}, ... Map[ Composition[ h, g, f] ]@lst ... ] For some lists which can take quite a long ...
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Use Cancel Button in a DialogInput window to Abort Evaluation or Quit the kernel entirely

I have been searching the forum for an answer to this question and although people seem to have asked this exact same question, it is in the context of specific function in their ...
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