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Precise Timing for nested functions, how to? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Profiling from Mathematica How can I easily get fractions of timing for each nested function? Consider a nested call like this: ...
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How do I profile my own code in Mathematica? [duplicate]

Coming from the question Profiling from Mathematica and reading the example, I manage to reproduce it but I have no idea how to adjust it to profile my own code. Given an example file: ...
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Where can I find examples of good Mathematica programming practice?

I consider myself a pretty good Mathematica programmer, but I'm always looking out for ways to either improve my way of doing things in Mathematica, or to see if there's something nifty that I haven't ...
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Performance tuning in Mathematica?

What performance tuning tricks do you use to make a Mathematica application faster? MATLAB has an amazing profiler, but from what I can tell, Mathematica has no similar functionality.
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Measuring execution time of code

How one can measure the execution time (time that is spent for code to finish) of a program in Mathematica? I understand that there are general timing functions (Timing, AbsoluteTiming, TimeUsed, etc....
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Improving Performance of an XY Monte Carlo

I normally write my Monte Carlo codes in Fortran for speed, but I was doing some quick and dirty work and wrote one in Mathematica for the XY model on a square lattice (see Kosterlitz-Thouless ...
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The speed of Sum[] varies strangely

I was curious about the difference in speed between Total and Sum. I found out Total was ...
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Workbench Profile[] question

I previously posted this question on Mathgroup but received no response I am using Workbench to profile my code. Suppose I have 2 modules, let's call them A, B (they are too long to replicate here). ...
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Workflow in the Mathematica and Workbench IDE

After visiting one of the Wolfram presentations, I started writing code for my number theory research project in Mathematica because I found it to be faster than Sage. I downloaded Workbench and ...
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Question about how to speed up Mathematica code

When looking at the Minimal Goldbach prime partition point {p,q} for each n; where n=10^i and i = 2,3,4,...,10; I notice that these points reside in an interval with center n/2 and radius 250: ...
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How can I efficiently write formatted data to a Gaussian Cube file?

I am working with data files that contain information about electronic wave functions. The data format is specified by the quantum chemistry program Gaussian. I need to import the data, manipulate ...
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Timing mathematica code

I have a collection of functions (Modules) and I wish to find out which sub-routines inside the code take up most time. I have done this by wrapping individual code blocks with ...
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Finding CPU time of more than one expressions

I want to find the computational time (CPU time) of my code. When I use TimeUsed or Timing commands they give the CPU time of ...
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Optimizing a function containing a complex exponential

I've noticed the following significant different in performance for different formulations of the same function: ...
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Profiling in Mathematica

This is meant as a broad question, because I couldn't find such a discussion on this topic (the questions I found are very old and basic, e.g. the most popular one only shows where to find Mathematica'...
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