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About multi-root search in Mathematica for transcendental equations

I have some questions for multiroot search for transcendental equations. Is there any clever solution to find all the roots for a transcendental equation in a specific range? Perhaps ...
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Plotting several functions

I'd like to plot a function of one real and one integer variable, but I don't want them all shown in the same 2-D plot - I'd like to see them as separate curves so I can see both "axes", more like how ...
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Using ListPointPlot3D to simulate 2D plots moving in time

I wrote a 1D solver for the heat equation $u_t=u_{xx}$, and I can animate the solution using normal ListPlot command, where the x-axis is the rod length, and the y-...
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Plot, extract data to a file

I need to save data that Mathematica uses inside the Plot command. The format that I would like to have is: x1 y1 x2 y2 ..... ...
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Create a 3D stack of 2D line plots [duplicate]

A simple concept but I've not been able to solve it. I'm trying to create a stack of 2D plots in 3D space using Mathematica 9. This is not a parametric plot, but I'm creating it from an array of ...
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How to create a plot with inclined axes?

How can I create a plot with inclined axes? I want to get something like that:
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Map a 3D plot into plane

I have a 3D plot like: ...
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transparency in image used for texture?

Is there a way to set a transparancy channel in a raster image used for a texture in 3d graphics? this creates a raster image with a transparency channel: ...
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Combine Multiple ListDensityPlots into 3D Cube

I am wondering if anyone has suggestions on how best to go about creating an image of several ListDensityPlots merged into a single 3D cube (with only the axes, not the full frame). For example, I ...
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3D plot of two 2D functions

I would like to plot two 2d functions in a 3d coordinate system. Examples are z = x^2 and z = y^2. Each function has one ...
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Contourplot with three variables

I have the following equation to generate a contour plot for it: ContourPlot[{(6 x^2 (-0.00001 + (z)^2))/(6 y^2) == 0.2}, {x, -1, 1}, {y, 0.1, 20}] It has three ...
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