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Sort rows in a matrix with a vector [duplicate]

Let's suppose I have a matrix: $A=\left[\begin{array}{ccc} a & b & c\\ d & e & f\\ g & h & i \end{array}\right]$ and I want to sort the rows using a sort-vector: $sortVec=\...
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Sorting Eigensystems [duplicate]

SO I have this code: ...
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Filter out eigenvalues in NDEigenfunction [duplicate]

I am going to solve TISE for logarithmic potential in two dimensions. For bound state solution, the energy eigenvalues are to come negative. This is my code: ...
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Confusion in Eigenvalue and eigenfunction distribution using NDEigensystem [duplicate]

I have been using NDEigensystem to solve the Schrodinger equation for different potentials. However, whenever the potential has its minimum in the negative y-axis, ...
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Manipulate arrays [duplicate]

I want to sort the array a = {{{1, 0, 0}, {1, 1, 1}, {0.5, 0.0, 0.5}}, {{-1}, {1}, {-1}}} in the following way: a[[1]] and <...
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What are the most common pitfalls awaiting new users?

As you may already know, Mathematica is a wonderful piece of software. However, it has a few characteristics that tend to confuse new (and sometimes not-so-new) users. That can be clearly seen from ...
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How to group each element with each consecutive elements in one head

Suppose I have the following list: list = {a, b, c, d} I want to generate this result: ...
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I have the minimum Y value. I want to find the corresponding X value from the list [duplicate]

I have a very big file and contains data in the format of {x,y}. I got the minimum Y value by using data[[All, 2]] // Min[#] & Now I want to get the X value ...
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Sort+Union on a list

Probably this is too trivial question for this forum but for some reason I am not getting it on my Mathematica 7 so far. I have a list ...
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Sort a list of coordinates by frequency from first component of each coordinate

The situation is that I have a List like this: ...
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Maximum tuple value

Is there a simple way to make a maximum tuple value (similar to python)? For example, in python max([ (1,2), (1,3), (3,1), (4,0) ]) returns ...
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Finding the two pairs in a list of pairs that minimize and maximize a given function

I need to declare a list of ordered pairs, and with it I need to declare a function of two variables, say x and y, and print ...
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How do I sort complex numbers?

Okay, so I posted something about sorting, and it was linked as a duplicate to This post However, I am having problems trying to sort a list that contains both real and complex numbers. I put them ...
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Is there a function that compares two lists and take from first the element with the position of largest value at second?

Is there a function in Mathematica that compares two lists and take from first the element with the position of largest value at second: ...
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Exercise using Sort

I have to order the following list according to the sum of the powers of each element of the list, using the function Sort. ...
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