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Switch actions of Shift+Enter and Enter in notebook interface?

How can I switch the functionality of the Enter and Shift+Enter key combinations in Windows? I find Matlab's interface more intuitive sometimes. By default in Mathematica's front-end, the Shift+Enter ...
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How to clear all output cells and run all input cells

I am new to mathematica and I am a little frustrated. There are a few things that I would like to do but I am finding difficult Use a keyboard shortcut to clear all output cells and run all input ...
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Automating Esc [[ Esc formatting?

Is it possible to program the Front End to automatically format double square brackets without having to type Esc[[Esc each time? It's awful to have to type Esc ...
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What is the comment shortcut?

I went to a Wolfram Technologies workshop a few weeks ago and the presenter showed us a keyboard shortcut that when a block of input is selected, the shortcut puts the block of selected input in ...
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LyX-like LaTeX in Mathematica Text Cells

Lately I've been learning more about the Wolfram Language, and I've become particularly enamored with the stated goals of the Mathematica notebook interface. I've used Mathematica exclusively as a &...
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Revert new keyboard shortcut for fraction typesetting

After updating to version 13.1 on macOS 12.4, I discovered that the keyboard shortcut for typesetting a fraction (Insert > Typesetting > Fraction) has changed. In previous versions, the shortcut ...
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Automated (lazy) method to make custom (key-input) shortcuts (not menu items) for letter-like symbols? [duplicate]

The Problem: I don't know about you, but every time I am trying to do analytical work in Mma, it is rather difficult/cumbersome for me to type the following, here specifically for ...
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Shortcut key to extend selection in the same way as mouse multiclicks

I would like to make a key-binding to select everything below one level above my the current postion of the cursor. This should be the same what happens if I multi-click on an expression -- each click ...
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Superscript on mac hotkey not working

I cannot input superscript with the keyboard shortcut ctrl-6. I am on mac osX 10.14.5. The menu button in insert>typesetting>superscript works and says the shortcut is ctrl-6. One site said use ctrl-...
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Custom keyboard shortcut. Previous answer is not working in Mathematica 10

I want to remap the alias delimiter from Esc to Ctrl+f (or Ctrl+Shift+f or some other key combo). I have not been able to get the previous solution to the question to work (Rebinding keys to define ...
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How to modify the file "" to use Enter to evaluate the current cell? [duplicate]

I asked the following question before, but I do not think it has been fully answered. By default, we use Shift+Enter to evaluate the current cell, and use Enter to get a new line. Is there a way to ...
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How can I change the Un/Comment section keybinding

I want to change the global keybinding of Mathematica 13.2. to something else since on a german keyboard it does not work properly. Is that somehow possible?
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