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Need better font control [duplicate]

Generally many programs have a menu item to raise/lower current font size. This is much more convenient than trying to root around in in internal mathematica options. I need to change ALL default ...
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How to set default magnification for all windows

This is certainly a newbie question but I could not find the answer by searching. I am using Mathematica 8 under Windows 7. I want to use default magnification of 150% for all notebooks and help ...
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Mathematica 11 with High DPI 4k screen

My laptop has a 17 inch 4k screen, running Windows 10 and Ubuntu 1604. Both systems are set to 2x scaling. But Mathematica 11 (released 2016-08-08) is still blurry like version 10. Is there a simple ...
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Guidelines for planning custom GUI in Mathematica

This post is here to save your time during GUI development in Mathematica. And one way to do this is to know where limits are and to be aware of features that are awaiting. Background Usually I don't ...
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Blurred frontend text in Mathematica 10, Windows, High-DPI Display

So I have recently upgraded to a Windows ultrabook with a high resolution display. All my software seems to cope just fine with the high resolution, except for Mathematica 10. Mathematica seems to ...
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What is a printer's point?

Bug introduced in 10.4 or earlier and persisting through v11.3 (misleading documentation inconsistency) According to the documentation it is a basic unit for size spec. ...
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Font sizes in graphics

I'm trying to find an explanation for the different sizes I'm seeing for fonts added to graphics in different ways, and haven't yet located an easy to understand explanation. Here's a minimal example:...
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ImageSize as absolute (metric) value

I have wondered more and more often lately how the size of an image is handled when displayed or exported. The documentation implies that the via ImageSize the ...
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Magnification, ScreenResolution, ScreenInformation and Printing: Please shine some Light into it!

According to How to set default magnification for all windows Mathematica assumes 72 dpi screen resolution. In my computer, the screen resolution actually is 120 dpi which is a very common value on ...
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How to change default settings of cell formatting?

I find font size of Text cells too small and I like displaying them with background colour... I've read this question and learned about ...
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Mathematica Global Menu Size

How do you change the text size for the GLOBAL MENUS in MATHEMATICA 12? I am NOT talking about anything INSIDE the notebook (this has been asked and answered many times). I am talking about the "...
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How to increase font size in front-end UI Menus [closed]

Is it possible to increase the font size in the notebook GUI's menus, messages window, help windows, etc?
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