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How can we make publication-quality PlotMarkers without version 10?

Suppose that for certain reasons we are not yet using Mathematica version 10, or we have a version with buggy PlotMarkers. It is well known that the default markers ...
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Are plotting markers with inscribed letters possible?

I have large data consisting of values obtained by sweeping across three parameters (e, w, and f). I want to plot all this data on one graph using different shapes for e (e.g., circle, triangle, ...
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Plot markers for monthly data

I have the following data ...
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Creating plot markers with centered text

I want to create a series of plot markers which are circles, squares etc. with 2-3 letter codes centered within the marker. My current attempt looks like this: ...
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Use y-values as PlotMarkers

Is there an automatic function inserts y-values as PlotMarkers? For instance, suppose I wish these four points in ListPlot to display as their values (2, 4, 6, and, 8 respectively): ...
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Applying a function to list of points and plot the results in ListPlot

Assume there are three groups of 2-dimensional coordinates data = RandomVariate[NormalDistribution[#, .25], {15, 2}] & /@ Range[3]; Is there a way to ...
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Loading and formatting data for plotting standard deviation bars on top of data

I have a file with three columns, space separated. First column is x, the second is the data, and the third is the standard deviation I computed of that data. Now I want to plot in Mathematica, and ...
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Change the point size in ListPlot

Suppose I have data like this ListPlot[{{1,2,3},{3,2,1}}]. I would like to change the point size of only first two points in both datasets. Although there are many ...
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Label Markers On ListPlot, but for Two Dimensional Data

I found this answer below however I have a 2D data set. ListPlot with plotmarkers determined by point The first plot answer by KGLR (answered Jun 24 '12 at 14:40) looks suitable. However, I've a two ...
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Real, scaled sizes of bubbles in bubblechart [closed]

I'm trying to create a BubbleChart3D with sets of 4 numbers, to see which spheres overlap. ...
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ListPlot, PlotMarker -> y value [duplicate]

at first sorry if this question is already answered. I would like to display y value as plot marker in listplot ...
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