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Running an initialization cell on Mathematica start up [duplicate]

I am writing a bash script to run a bunch of Mathematica .nb files serially. So I thought I'd convert my Mathematica cells into ...
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Auto Execute Notebook on Open [duplicate]

How might I automatically execute a notebook script on open? For example I would like to a notebook to automatically execute it's cells.
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Evaluate Initialization cells at startup [duplicate]

How can I start an evaluation of the initialization cells when a notebook is opened? Should I use FrontEndExecute[] in some way?
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Automatically restoring the state of a prior session [duplicate]

I have the following problem (I guess a very naive one): I work with some data and make a statistical analysis in Mathematica. I do it over several days and each time I open the file, I have to go ...
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Can the value of a variable be made to persist between front end sessions? [duplicate]

For example, say I create a notebook with a cell a = 5 + 2 and then I close Mathematica, reopen the notebook, enter a new cell ...
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Q-Function representation in Mathematica

I observed that there is no Q-function representation in Mathematica. The definition of Q-Function is: \begin{align} Q(x) &= \frac{1}{\sqrt{2\pi}} \int_x^\infty e^{-\frac{u^2}{2}}du \\ &...
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How to run code in a saved file when it is opened

I have a Mathematica file that I saved. In it, I have multiple functions that I've defined and have evaluated a number of the functions with different arguments. I would like to be able to open the ...
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How can I use Dynamic to run a script when a new file is added to a directory?

I have an external program saving files to some directory on my hard disc. I'd like to run a script that imports and runs a script on each file as it is added to the directory. Is there a simple way ...
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How can I force an installed, user-created palette to automatically evaluate?

I have created a palette in Mathematica v10.0.2, and used the Menu-->Palettes-->Install Palette functionality to successfully install it. When I choose my palette (from the dropdown menu), rather ...
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How to *safely* enable automatic initialization cell evaluation for one notebook?

I want to configure this one notebook (let's call it X) so that its initialization cells get automatically evaluated when X is first opened1. To this end, I have applied the settings shown below to ...
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Randomizing a lab

I teach a class where students do a weekly lab in Mathematica. They do it in a computer lab, and because there are many of them, and only one of me, I encourage them to help one another. ...
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Send commands directly from OSX terminal to Notebook front end

I'm used to programming in a terminal and in Vim, and would love the ability to send commands from a terminal window directly to the notebook front end. Currently, I have to choose between: Cutting ...
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