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Using Interval Slider in Manipulate for Plot Functionality

I am trying to incorporate Interval Sliders in Manipulate to allow the user to select a range to view a given plot. Here is an example that I have constructed for ...
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Want Interactive PlotRange of Graphics[{}]

I am trying to do: ...
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How to zoom and pan a ListLinePlot?

I'm using ListLinePlot inside a Manipulate function to display some data. I've seen that Mathematica allows zooming and panning ...
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Is there a way to make an interactive plot so one can pan and zoom? [duplicate]

My googling efforts returned nothing so I thought I'd ask here. I often make a ListPlot[] with a huge array, and sometimes it has smaller features that I'd like to take a closer look at, but aren't ...
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How do I built a zoomable Koch curve?

I'm new to Mathematica and my goal is to write a simple program in order to demonstrate self-similarity of the Koch curve by zooming in. Here is a good example of what I mean (it's a Java applet). I ...
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How can I improve my Zooming code?

I recently started to work with the EventHandler function to make it possible to Zoom, Pan, etc, with only the use of a mouse. I have found a way to zoom that is ...
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Using MatrixPlot, how can I dynamically zoom in and out with my mouse? [duplicate]

I have a MatrixPlot output which I would like to zoom around in, drawing boxes that define a zoom region with my mouse. These things are all fairly standard in Labview... surely Mathematica must have ...
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Editable keyframe curves

Any suggestions for a good approach to implementing a zoomable 'keyframe' based curve editor? Essentially, something akin to the functionality of the graph editor in animation packages such as Maya. (...
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ListPlot with 20 digit precision in PlotRange

I'm trying to plot a set of points with 20 digits precision which are taken from orderless list of numbers: ...
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How to install custom package

There is great code by István Zachar , but I do not know how to use it. I have saved the code as a .m file and use file->install to install it. However, when I call the package the error message below ...
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Plotting: Basic Question [duplicate]

I am new user. I am plotting "y = x^3". My "x" domain is "{x, -5, 5}", but then it scales for all "y" values. Is there anyway to zoom in, or have it plot/display a limited "y" range of values? The ...
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Horrendously slow DateListPlot & Tooltip - causes, workarounds, fixes?

MMA Win 10 64-bit i8700K The question is: how can one efficiently and speedily produce DateListPlots (or ListLinePlots with a date-time labelled x-axis calculated from x ordinates measure in ...
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Zooming 2d plots in Mathematica 11 [duplicate]

I've seen this question many times but thought I'd ask it about Mathematica 11 specifically. I'm new to Mathematica and I'm just creating some simple plots with ListLinePlot. I'd like to be able to ...
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Is there any simple way to zoom/magnify a selected portion of a plot (like gnuplot or xmgrace)? [duplicate]

Is there any simple way to zoom a particular portion of a plot (similar to what you can do with gnuplot or xmgrace using the magnifier and selecting a region)? Usually I do it by varying the ...
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Is there any way to magnify the figures in the "Show" command?

I am trying to magnify a small part in the following Mathematica figure. What should I write in the 'show' environment to magnify the specific part of the figure? ...
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