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Is there a way to make an interactive plot so one can pan and zoom? [duplicate]

My googling efforts returned nothing so I thought I'd ask here. I often make a ListPlot[] with a huge array, and sometimes it has smaller features that I'd like to take a closer look at, but aren't ...
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how to use a ready function in your code for panning and zooming on 2D plots? [duplicate]

As I said before for the time being, I don't want to use Mathematica as a programming tool. I'm just using it as a calculater to compute integrals, solve equations, ...
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Using MatrixPlot, how can I dynamically zoom in and out with my mouse? [duplicate]

I have a MatrixPlot output which I would like to zoom around in, drawing boxes that define a zoom region with my mouse. These things are all fairly standard in Labview... surely Mathematica must have ...
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Is there any simple way to zoom/magnify a selected portion of a plot (like gnuplot or xmgrace)? [duplicate]

Is there any simple way to zoom a particular portion of a plot (similar to what you can do with gnuplot or xmgrace using the magnifier and selecting a region)? Usually I do it by varying the ...
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Plotting: Basic Question [duplicate]

I am new user. I am plotting "y = x^3". My "x" domain is "{x, -5, 5}", but then it scales for all "y" values. Is there anyway to zoom in, or have it plot/display a limited "y" range of values? The ...
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Zooming 2d plots in Mathematica 11 [duplicate]

I've seen this question many times but thought I'd ask it about Mathematica 11 specifically. I'm new to Mathematica and I'm just creating some simple plots with ListLinePlot. I'd like to be able to ...
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ListPlot: Plotting large data fast

Mathematica produces fantastic-looking graphics, but it can be slow on large data sets. Here is an example for a (random) time series: ...
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Magnifying Glass on a Plot

Although there is a trick in TEX magnifying glass but I want to know is there any function to magnifying glass on a plot with Mathematica? For example for a function as ...
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Plotting large datasets

I have a lot of data (e.g., 64x8192), to plot and it consumes too much memory (more than 2 GB) causing Mathematica to return "no memory available". For example, ...
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Question about collections of custom GUI controls for Mathematica

Background: I have only recently begun programming GUIs in Mathematica, so I have a continuous need for custom controls. I needed a scrollable list control and with the help of Google I found a ...
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Is there a "GrabHand" and "OpenHand" MouseAppearance in Mathematica?

MouseAppearance[Plot[Sin[x], {x, 0, 5}], "LinkHand"] Unfortunately I cannot get a screen grab to show the link hand but it is a cartoon hand with a finger ...
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Detecting double click events

Is there a way to detect double click events? I did not find anything on the doc page of EventHandler. Use case: I want to re-implement the ...
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Mathematica 11 crashes when using Plot with Label-option within a GraphicsGrid

starting with the new Mathematica 11.0.0 version on a Windows 7 machine I ran into a problem I am not able to solve. While using the Plot functionality I am able ...
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How to determine numeric equivalent of Tiny, Small, etc. image sizes for Graphics?

Is there a way to find the numeric equivalents of Tiny, Small, Medium, and ...
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Want Interactive PlotRange of Graphics[{}]

I am trying to do: ...
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