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Sharing an axis between two plots [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: 1 Plot, 2 Scale/Axis Do I have to code each case of this Grid full of plots separately? What's the most straightforward way to share an axis between two plots in Mathematica?...
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Creating a grid of plots [duplicate]

I'm really a noob on Mathematica. I would like to create a layout of multiple plots in Mathematica. I've a function that calculates the solution, over time, of a system of differential equations. ...
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Combine Plots into a single non-rasterized Graphic with no spacing [duplicate]

Suppose that I have two plots, pl1 and pl2: ...
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How to align/grid several plots(mXn) in one figure? [duplicate]

I run Mathematica 10.0.2 on my Win7. I'm trying to make a PDF for publication similar to figure below: This is a figure containing a 4X3 image. The feature in image is irrelevant, my point is to ...
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How to use GraphicsRow(or other commands) to plot 2 figures with only one x-y axis? [duplicate]

I can use the following command to plot two figures together. ...
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Replicating a PlotGrid without using Resources [duplicate]

I want to create stacked plots which have a shared x and y axis label. I found an article here from Wolfram, which does exactly what I want but uses ResoruceFucntion...
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use of grid to stick different plots [duplicate]

I have four plots that can be figured besides each other in Grid command. ...
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Generating a broken or snipped axis in ListPlot

I have two data sets, data1 and data2. For example: ...
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How do I make framed plots the same size?

Suppose that I have two plots, plot1 and plot2. The plots have different ranges and different axes. Here is a fictitious ...
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Aligning plot axes in a graphics object

I need to align the y-axes in the plots below. I think I'm going to have to do some rasterizing and searching for vertical lines, then vary x and ...
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Best way to plot nearly identically overlapping data?

I have two different models whose solutions in certain cases are virtually identical. For purposes of illustration, I'd like to plot both solutions in the same figure, but after playing around with <...
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Switch from logarithmic to linear scaling partway along a plot's axis

In the 2015 Planck satellite results, they give the latest plot of the temperature power spectrum of the cosmic microwave background, which I show below. (I am only interested in the main plot; you ...
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How can I make a grid of plots with no spacing, and have the plots line up perfectly?

I am making a bunch of two dimensional plots and I would like to have them arranged in a grid with no space in between them. That is, I want their frames touching each other. My problem is twofold. ...
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Combining histograms with a scatter plot

I'm trying to combine graphics using Grid such that I have a ListPlot[] in the middle and a histogram on the top and right axes. ...
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How to create a multi-graphics plot (i.e. the decomposition of phase plane portrait) with well-organized structure?

Background I am trying to create a three-graphics plot using the command GraphicsGrid[] to show the decomposition of the phase plane portrait; unfortunately, the ...
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