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Hiding inputs with specific function [duplicate]

I believe this question could be a duplication, but I did some searches with the term "hide the input cell", but none answered me. Only inputs with this function. I have several input cells using the ...
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hiding input cells in presentations [duplicate]

I notice that presentations have the input cells (the ones with code) often hidden. Specifically in slide shows. This seems like a pretty basic question, but I can't seem to find out how to do this. ...
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Is there a way to hide or toggle the visibility of code?

Many of my notebooks have a similar repeating structure, which is very convenient and reliable for my workflow: a chunk of code defining a Manipulate for exploring ...
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Best way to give presentations with Mathematica

I have typically used PowerPoint or plain PDFs of slides to give presentations, but with heavy mathematical content, it can be tedious to create these presentations and make them look good. How can I ...
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How can I clean up a notebook?

By cleaning up a notebook, I mean how can I hide all the codes in the notebook so that the end-users can't see it? I saw Eric Schulz's famous interactive calculus textbook, the users can't see the ...
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How to fold output cells by default?

In Mathematica the default behavior of output cells is to pop up after the kernel has processed the input cells and got a result. I know I could add ; in the end of ...
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Making flash cards with Mathematica

I've been trying to make flash cards to help me memorize some concepts in my technical classes this semester. Since Mathematica's (mathematical) type setting is so superb, I attempted to make flash ...
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Close subgroup of cells and keep them closed

Styles can be used to give your calculation a book-like structure; with chapters, sections and paragraphs. Closing those subgroups of cells you don't want to see is then very powerful to create visual ...
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Evaluate notebook without opening cell groups

I have a notebook with grouped cells, where the input cells are hidden and only output cells open. Is it possible in an easy way to evaluate the whole notebook and preventing opening all groups, ...
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Hide input with multiple output cells

I want to hide my input, but not with "close cell". i also want to have fast access to the input cell. i found Mr.Wizard's AutoCollapse function, but it doesn't work with two or more Print-functions ...
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Combine InputAlias with InputString to parse expressions from a string

My knowledge of low-level notebook programming is very limited so I would be very grateful for any input regarding the following issue: I would like to define an input alias (via ...
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Delete output cell content but not the space assigned

I'm writing a slide show in Mathematica, and so have Input and Output cells. I want to hide the Output cells until they are generated, but with leaving the space there. Else when I evaluate each cell ...
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Randomizing a lab

I teach a class where students do a weekly lab in Mathematica. They do it in a computer lab, and because there are many of them, and only one of me, I encourage them to help one another. ...
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Automatically close the parent cell in a grouped set

There are several questions in Mma.SE related to programmatically opening and closing cells, but I could not find quite what I'm seeking. Here's a minimal example: ...
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How to hide brackets and create bars over variables

I have two problems figuring out how to format my formulas properly so that when I print out the notebook the formulas look like the ones in my textbook. So far I've got this: $\sum\limits_{i=1}^5 x[...
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