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Assign output of solve to variables [duplicate]

I have this input: Solve[x^2 + 3 x + 2 == 0, x] which gives this output: {{x -> -2}, {x -> -1}} I want the first x ...
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Setting a variable equal to the output of FindRoot [duplicate]

I define a function $f(x)$ as f[x_] := x*Exp[-x] - 0.16064; Then I set a variable actualroot to the function ...
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How to automatically get {a,b,c} from {x -> a, y -> b, z -> c}? [duplicate]

I want to get the graphic of a 3D-straight line: First: ...
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Verifying the solution of a numerically solved ODE [duplicate]

I am solving this equation; ...
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How to use output from previous line in Plot? [duplicate]

Suppose, I want to solve a equation and want to obtain it's first root. In this case I've used In[1]=:Solve[b^2 + b*z + 1 == 0, b][[1]] This gives ...
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How to get a number from Solve [duplicate]

It's often useful to get just one number from Solve. I use the following construction for acquiring one solution from the expression returned by ...
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How to extract Solve results as variables [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Assign the results from a Solve to variable(s) In the following example: ...
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Assign the result of Solve in a list [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Assign the results from a Solve to variable(s) I want to assign the results of a Solve command in a list. For example Solve[-((287 s^3)/50) == 0, s] returns {{s -> 0}, {s -> 0}...
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Check if an inequality holds among the solutions returned by Solve [duplicate]

Let's say I solve a system: Solve[{a == 3* c, b == 2 *a}, {a, b}] and then want to see if the values found for a and ...
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Saving DSolve results [duplicate]

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beginner's question: change a parameter while get variable answers [duplicate]

I'm new to Mathematica from R, since R is not quite good at dealing with the following problem. Say, i want to solve the function a x - 10 = 0. Each time I change the value of a, say, from 1 to 10 by ...
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How do I make a function from a solution? [duplicate]

This expression: FullSimplify[Solve[dx == dL - (1/2) dd, dL]] Gives this solution (I've simplified it for brevity): $$\left\{\left\{ d_L\rightarrow \frac{\sqrt{...
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How do I assign the solutions of an equation to separate variables? [duplicate]

I'm a beginner to Mathematica. Here's my question. I'd like to store the output(s) of a Solve command to variable(s) that can be manipulated later. For example, I would like x1 and x2 to be the two ...
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Storing output of Solve in the variables themselves [duplicate]

I solved a set of equations with indexed variables using Solve. How can I get the output solution to be stored in the variables themselves? I obtained the results ...
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How to define the result of Solve as the variable [duplicate]

Consider the operation Solve[f[x,y,z] == 0, x] I want to put the solutions for x obtained by this operation as the new variable. I tried to use ToString, ...
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