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how implement OOP [duplicate]

I have a task implement OOP in wolfram mathematica. I think write class Point and inherit from it class Rectangle. In C# or C++ it's very easy, but I don't know how do it in wolfram mathematica. All ...
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Where can I find examples of good Mathematica programming practice?

I consider myself a pretty good Mathematica programmer, but I'm always looking out for ways to either improve my way of doing things in Mathematica, or to see if there's something nifty that I haven't ...
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What are some useful, undocumented Mathematica functions?

There have already been some questions about some undocumented functionality in Mathematica. Such as (please add to these lists!) How can one find undocumented options or option values in Mathematica?...
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General strategies to write big code in Mathematica?

I think after six months of exposure to Mathematica and the Wolfram Language I am fairly OK with writing short codes and snippets. However, what are some general strategies to use in order to write ...
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Struct equivalent in Mathematica?

I really miss having something like a struct in Mathematica. I know of (and regularly use) a couple of programming techniques which feel like a ...
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Can one identify the design patterns of Mathematica?

... or are they unnecessary in such a high-level language? I've been thinking about programming style, coding standards and the like quite a bit lately, the result of my current work on a mixed .Net/...
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Which object-oriented paradigm approach to use in Mathematica?

Which Object-Oriented Paradigm (OOP) approach to use in Mathematica for: general implementation, or a particular project? There are a lot of related questions and answers in MSE on doing OOP that ...
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Implementing a chat system in Mathematica

My friends and I don't want to use Slack or Gitter, but instead a pure-Mathematica chat system. Now that the ChannelFramework exists, how could we do this?
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Functions with changeable global variables

I'm not sure is the topic title correct, but I mean such a case. I have several functions and "changeable" global variables, e.g.: ...
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How can I implement a listener variable in Mathematica?

I'd like to be able to listen to a variable and know when it's been changed and accept/reject the change as well as use it as an update listener for Dynamic how can ...
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How to set parts of Associations "named with" SubValues

Parts of Associations can be set with the following syntax: as = <|"a" -> 10|> <|"a" -> 10|> as["b"] = 20; as ...
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Efficient manipulation of Associations passed to functions, how-to? [duplicate]

I have some data wrapped into a MyData[data_Association] "structure". My Association contains some big arrays and I do not want ...
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How to prevent arguments UpValues from being used in selective functions

Ok, I know the simple answer is to set some form of Hold attribute to the function but bear with me for a bit while I explain my motivation and why that is not quite what I want. I have a collection ...
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Changing DownValues of a function when calling

General problem I am looking for a possibility to store information in parallel for a function and change the information when a function is called. Idea It seems possible to solve this problem by ...
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