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$\LaTeX$ and Mathematica

I quite often would like to draw graphics in my $\LaTeX$ documents using Mathematica. I have encountered three problems. I would like to know if there are any workarounds to these problems I would ...
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Exporting graphics to PDF - huge file

I want to draw some basic surfaces, export them to PDF and include them in a LaTeX file. I create a simple 3D graphics object, for instance with ...
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Saner alternative to ContourPlot fill

I am producing a large number of ContourPlot objects, which when exported generate notoriously large PDF files because it basically generates lots of little ...
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Avoiding white lines inside filled area in RegionPlot exported as PDF or PS

Bug introduced in 8.0 or earlier and fixed in 13.2 or later When doing a RegionPlot and then exporting (or saving from the front end) as PDF or EPS, there are ...
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Avoiding grid lines inside filled area in RegionPlot exported as PDF

Basically the same question as here, but now with regions which have opacity. ...
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Proper Filling of Self-Intersecting Polygon

I have a spiral pattern that I would like to fill, which self-intersects. My desired behavior is to have filling between neighboring lines only, and to represent this figure as a single polygon. The ...
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Why does polygon2FilledCurve not work here?

From my previous thread where @Alexey Popkov proposed polygon2FilledCurve to remove the outline when exporting to PDF. Now I'm trying to apply that to this but it ...
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There are mesh grids when Export RegionPlot

When setting the Opacity option, there are mesh grids on the background of the pdf file. Opacity option should be saved because ...
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Weird PDF (also EPS and SVG) exported graphics

I'm producing a graphic (sorry for not posting the code but it's quite disordered (see edit below)) and would like to export it as a vector image. For some reason the PDF (below left) does not look ...
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Making Mathematica graphics exported as PDF "usable" performance wise [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Exporting graphics to PDF - huge file Saner alternative to ContourPlot fill How can all those tiny polygons generated by RegionPlot be joined into a single FilledCurve? ...
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Color of figure keeps changing

I'm not sure this should be posted here, but I don't know where else to ask this question. Please feel free to refer to another more relevant SE if necessary. I plotted a figure with Mathematica, and ...
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