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Saving a notebook before a crash [duplicate]

On the MacBook Pro, Command+S saves the notebook. So, every few minutes, Command+S is invaluable. What do other folks do? For example, in TexShop, when I compile my LaTeX code, the file is ...
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Where can I find examples of good Mathematica programming practice?

I consider myself a pretty good Mathematica programmer, but I'm always looking out for ways to either improve my way of doing things in Mathematica, or to see if there's something nifty that I haven't ...
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Are there suitable versioning systems for Mathematica notebooks?

I am considering a project using Mathematica and openCL. I know that the openCL C source code can be tracked. Has anyone used a versioning site or software so multiple developers can modify a common ...
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Is there a notebook autosave frequency configuration?

I've had Mathematica crash on me a number of times, and have had to recreate notebook contents from the last save point. I was looking for something in the preferences like an autosave frequency ...
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Is it possible to recover an unsaved notebook after closing it?

I just Ctrl-Alt-Deleted out of Mathematica after I crashed it while running. I had not saved it all day and had done quite a lot of work on it. When I reopen the file, it shows a version with none of ...
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Saving my code before cell evaluations: Insurance against front end hanging

I guess my programming working style is not unique. I develop programs one cell at a time, and when I have some confidence about what I did, I put all my mess together refining the code, building up ...
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Why isn't autosave enabled by default?

While I've come across several ways to implement/enable autosave (see: Is there a notebook autosave frequency configuration?, Saving my code before cell evaluations: Insurance against front end ...
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How to share a notebook?

I have a folder in dropbox syncing to my desktop. I tried sharing a notebook file this way, but this generates lots of errors, conflicts, and data loss: I have notebooks with Dynamic and other ...
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Mathematica Source-Code Control for CDF files in multi-user scenario

Q: I'm putting together a strategy on how its best to maintain cdf documents with multiple users in a source code repository. Ideally I wish for users to create (unit tested) cdf's with data and ...
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Automatic recovery after crash

I want Mathematica to periodically autosave my notebooks to the temp folder. And in case of front-end crash i want to see the dialog after restart with the following choices: recover from autosaved ...
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Extracting notebook history programmatically

I know there is a way to open Notebook history dialogbox using Cell > Notebook History, but since there can be a lot of history the dialog box can run very slowly with lags. Is there a way to get a ...
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Does Dropbox sync smartly notebook files? [duplicate]

It is said that Dropbox employs a Delta Sync technology where only the modified part of a file is updated through the internet. I was just wondering if it holds for notebook files. I sometimes ...
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AutoGeneratedPackage Formatting

If you do Ctrl+Shift+o you open an option inspector. And then you can enable ...
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Feedback for my autosave-script

last evening Mathematica crashed and hours of work were gone, because I forgot to save my notebook. During homework today I just pressed Ctrl+S every few minutes, to make sure that I don't loose my ...
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