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Is there any way to place tick marks on the x-axis above the axis? Note that I am talking about marks on the axis, not on a frame (because my graph has no frame). To be more specific, here's the ...
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How to change the position of numbers on plot [duplicate]

How to change the position of numbers in axes on plot? I want to see the numbers on the x-axis over it, not under it as it is now to have them clearly visible.
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Fixing ticks labels position in plot

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Labels and tickmarks inside Frame

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How to tick the intersection with x axis automatically?

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To Work with Barchart or DiscretePlot?

I would like to create a graph similar to this below using some slightly dotted bar style like the one shown in the figure ... And I'm trying to open a space between bars 6 and 8, but I'm failing. ...
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How can I move these numbers to the right side of the y axis?

How can I move these numbers to the right side of the y axis? (preferably not using frame) Plot[1 + x^2, {x, -5, 0}] Here is my orginal problem. I tried my best ...
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Put a tick on opposite side of axis

Consider: ...
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Mathematica flip the axes ticks (negative values) to other side

I have a plot as shown, I want to change the axes ticks of the negative values as shown below, I went through this post and with this answer, I am able to do only for Y-axis. Can someone please let ...
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Flipping y-tick labes or x-tick labels simply

As it is common to most of us, when we plot a figure, x label ticks are located above x-axis and y label ticks are located at the right of y-axis. Is there any simple way to alter this in ...
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