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Problems with legends for list density plots [duplicate]

When plotting list density plot in Mathematica 8.0, the following problems arise: PlotLegends doesn't work, so I use ShowLegend...
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Running PlotLegends in Mathematica 8 [duplicate]

I will like to get a density plot (in Mathematica 8) as in: Make legend same height as plot. However, anytime I run ...
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Creating legends for plots with multiple lines?

So I have a graph with multiple lists, for e.g. data = {{1,2}, {3,4}, {3,5}, {2,3} . . .} If I then do ...
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Circuit drawing in Mathematica

This past semester I taught an introductory electromagnetism course and had quite a nice time using Mathematica to draw all sorts of figures and diagrams (mostly for problems and etc.). However, I was ...
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How can I change the thickness of tick marks in BarLegend?

Bug introduced in 10.1 or earlier and persisting through 11.0.1 or later This answer explains how to change various undocumented options for BarLegend with ...
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Mathematica "prelude"

Is there any way to have the functions from a mathematica file be loaded on startup? For example, in this excellent answer, Jens helps me out and gives me some functions for creating legends for ...
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How can I label a ListDensityPlot with a color bar?

Here is an example of what is desired, only the result wouldn't be a contour plot, but a ListDensityPlot. The arguments would be a gradient and a list of numbers.
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A dot appearing after a zero, and making the entries of a matrix into fractions

For more info about the difference between 0. and 0 I am a self-taught Mathematica user and I have some elementary questions-- perhaps too elementary for this site, but here they are. If you look ...
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How to position legends exactly where I want them?

I just noticed another plot legend question today and while user solutions to this, in particular code by @Jens, are IMO better than the built in solutions, exact positioning often still requires some ...
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Awkward output of TeXForm

When I try to format a number that has a big exponent with TeXForm the following happens: ...
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Mathematica 8: ContourPlot finding out max and min function values [duplicate]

I have a ContourPlot where I have let Mathematica draw the contours automatically. I would like to extract the zmax and zmin contour values that have been determined internally so that I can pass them ...
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Adjusting the legend colors to match that in MatrixPlot

I am trying to show the legend with a ColorData for a discrete Fourier transform coefficient table. Here's a sample data table: ...
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ContourPlot Legend with colorbar for arbitrary contour values

I have a ContourPlot in which I have specified the contour-values myself as Contours->{0.01, 0.05, 0.1, 0.2, 0.3}. I would like to get the corresponding contour-values to be shown in the color-bar in ...
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How can I shift the frame ticks to the corner of each element-cell in a Matrixplot?

I am using the following code,to create a Legend for my plot. I would like to shift (or re-position) the frameticks to the corner of each of the cell-elements instead of being in their middle. I ...
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How can I write the frame ticks in Scientific Form?

Is there any way to remove the decimal places in the frame ticks. I would like to make the y axis ticks integers. I use the following code. My only problem is how to manipulate the y axis without ...
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