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Torn edge paper effect for images

In my answers to Plotting Error Bars on a Log Scale I used a so called "torn edge" effect from on one of the images. @SjoerdC.deVries commented: "BTW I liked the ripped-out look of your InputForm ...
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Attaching a file to a notebook

Is there a way to attach a file into a notebook and open it later with, for instance, a double click (or another action button)? In Mathematica windows version, the insert menu has the "object..." ...
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Tool to locate bloat in a notebook?

In developing a notebook, I often find I have created a very boated file that takes a long time to save. I would like to slim it down. It is usually the result of graphics and images, but they may be ...
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Identify which cell uses most memory in front-end

Even though the mathematica front-end is much more robust than it used to be, everyone must have noticed that when a few 3D graphics are involved, the front-end produces very large notebooks which ...
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Should I rasterize plots to keep my notebook file small?

I often use Mathematica notebooks as an informal "lab notebook", plotting recent results in various tabs and such. I've noticed that these files can tend to get really large; for example, my Windows ...
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How to embed a movie into a Mathematica-made presentation?

The question is completely formulated in the title. However, to make it more presize, I am making presentations for lectures. The presentations are done in Mma. I have some illustrative material to ...
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Is there a way to use iframes in a notebook?

For me, mathematica online is totally unusable, but the EmbeddedServices would be great to use. I wish that these functions worked in Mathematica, is there any hack anyone can think of to get these ...
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Is there a way to store and display compressed videos within a Mathematica notebook/CDF?

I know how to import videos into Mathematica using the FFmpeg package (Mathematica's built-in import for AVIs rarely ever works for me or anyone, since Mathematica ...
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How to make image3d smaller? Is `ImageResolution` useful?

I want to make the output of Image3D much smaller. For example ...
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How to reduce notebook or CDF file size with many images in it? [duplicate]

We love to use Mathematica notebooks to keep our notes, so we import lot of scanned photos into notebooks. However, the nb file size goes crazy large after importing photos in it. For example, ...
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“automated” image embedding app

Based on the following image attach procedure, can a Dynamic app be developed that: at start, only shows a small import button once clicked, opens a choose image ...
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How to increase the speed on opening and playing gif?

I have a gif Example.gif, and would like to play it in a presentation. I used the following code:- ...
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Is it possible to embed HTML webpage in a Mathematica notebook?

I am trying to display a webpage as an iframe in Mathematica. The only option I have found is with EmbededHTML, but I can't get it to work for me. Example: <...
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