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Make a .C3D file in Mathematica [duplicate]

I have two different groups of points in an excel file, which are captured by two different cameras from two different angles (Motion Capture Process). These points are extracted by using markers on a ...
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Where can I find examples of good Mathematica programming practice?

I consider myself a pretty good Mathematica programmer, but I'm always looking out for ways to either improve my way of doing things in Mathematica, or to see if there's something nifty that I haven't ...
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xkcd-style Plots

I received an email to which I wanted to respond with a xkcd-style graph, but I couldn't manage it. Everything I drew looked perfect, and I don't have enough command over ...
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How to create expanding summary boxes like the ones displayed for InterpolatingFunction, NearestFunction, etc.?

The display forms for objects like ClassifierFunction are nice clickable summary boxes I like this, and now I'm trying to create my a custom version of this for my ...
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Test a wooden board's vibration mode

Here is a wooden board, with dimensions shown on the picture below. How we can use Mathematica's newly build-in finite element analysis features to show the different modes of its vibrations. Assuming ...
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Can Mathematica be used for developing "normal" stand-alone software?

Can Mathematica be used for developing "normal" stand-alone software? I understand "normal" is not a very good qualifier. What I mean by it is software that people usually develop in Java and C++ so ...
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How to make Import recognize a new file extension?

I've written an import converter for a custom file format, and it all seems to be working as expected, except for the fallback behavior with no arguments: ...
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Is it possible to animate a bone or a skeleton fetched from Wolfram AnatomyData?

We can get a 3D bone with a simple command like this: (ctrl+)Thigh ["Graphics3D"] or like this (ctrl+)bone ["Graphics3D"] Can ...
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Registering/detecting an importer by file name extension

I've developed an importer and exporter for FreeSurfer's MGH/MGZ file format; the specific format isn't important, but I was ...
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Setting ::usage for variables returned from a function

What is the best way to achieve {v,u} = f[]; (* Returns value and usage description *) v::usage = u; from inside f, i.e., <...
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Anatomical movements

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What governs how Mathematica selects the appropriate format for an Import?

Under Mathematica 11, I have cobbled together an Import Converter that is able to handle simple cases of Apple Mail emlx files. I did this because, without the Importer, emlx files are imported ...
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Export Time-dependent STL Graphics

I have recently found that Mathematica may export files (.stl) which may be used for Blender (3D pictures and animations). However, I am interested in mathematics visualization, and I suppose that ...
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